(Fan Game Maybe) CL Game I'm Working On

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(Fan Game Maybe) CL Game I'm Working On

Post by Slick Swagger » 08 Sep 2016, 14:47

Hey there. So I’ve been working on a kind of game for cl and I wanna do a few things with this post:

Lay down the idea to see how interested the fandom would be (this helps me tell how much work I should put in and how mp I can make it).

Assess the direction I should take this. (Maybe it’ll just be a pvp game, or a wave based survival game, or maybe it’ll be open world with a campaign and both the 2D and 3D worlds).

Show progress so you all can see the making of the game, (and continue it if I can’t).

Transparency: I don't want this to be like rebirth or evolution. I don't want to hype you guys or create false hope. I just want a transparent proof that I will do my best to provide the community with another great game (perhaps even as good as Immu's IFSCL).


As I write this I’m realizing it'll be a long post so yeah, beware.

The concept:
I’ve split this into pieces:

Beta 1.0: Basically the first version of the game I will be willing to let people play. It will be fully functional but getting it perfect might be kinda hard.

Beta 1.0+ These are ideas that will be added depending on you guys and how well 1.0 does.

Release 1.0+ Features/ideas I have that happen only if this game becomes popular.

So here we go:

General this will be a full 3D game (although I might make the real world 2D idk. It will be either first or third person (I'm exploring vr). It's on UE4 and the earlier iterations will use visual scripting.

Beta 1.0
This will just be a blok vs blok combat simulator. It will have multiplayer pvp, and that’s about it. Basically a prototype to test the very limited, very niche playerbase for this thing.

Beta 1.0+
If I get enough interest, then I will add other monsters, new gamemodes (like steal the memory, guard the tower, stuff like that), and a single player or co op mode where you play as Lyoko warriors and fight hordes of monsters.

Release 1.0+
If I get ALOT of interest then I will bring out big guns. Firstly I will make an open world map of Lyoko. I will add some api for custom stuff, the digital sea, the 2D world and perhaps even some gamemodes with playable spectres and possession.

So yeah that's the idea so far. I'll add in ideas as I get them.

Finally the progress log begins. So far I have coded in the main menu (visuals to come), and I'm like 65% done with the blok model (no good ones online so I'm making these high poly). Next post I make will have some screenshots for you to behold.

If you have ideas or feedback feel free to leave it. Also getting more interest in this is a big goal so tell your friends if you want, I'm going to try to make this enjoyable both for the fandom and the public.

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