Code Lyoko TCG (CLTCG)

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Code Lyoko TCG (CLTCG)

Post by Hikaru » 17 Mar 2013, 04:33

So umm.. as some of you may know, there was once an unofficial TCG for Code Lyoko. It started around 2003 on a proboard and was soon picked up by LC (Lyoko_Computer of Teklinks) and Comex, and migrated to an IPB forum where Comex basically ran the things from 2004 -2008 when it had finally died of little activity after 'CLTCG2.0' , yet accidentally died to a careless members mistake...

This was the unofficial CLTCG and during the time they had an official one start in France that never took off and made it to America. That one soon died as well as it gathered no popularity and Moonscoop didn't continue the project as far as I know.

Now... with the release of Code Lyoko Evolution and the increase of fans to the CL Fanbase, I kinda wish to bring the game back, and many of the old CLTCG members wish this as well, as the game was fun. Though it had its faults, and the board was a mess, the game itself is something that can be restored, revised, and re-released... With lots of work of course..

..So I have the old databases of the board (for reference on game rules, how it was played etc, if needed) and all the old cards along with the permissions of the card makers to begin this project.

..Would anyone be interested in helping? The goal for this would be....

1. Though I have the old cards, every member that made cards made their own sets and thus used their own templates giving the game all kinds of different templates. In revising the game, it would be better this time around if we all used one template, with different colors or logos for different 'sets' (and makers) to make it less of a mess.

2. The game was mostly driven by the cards alone, as you had an MC (Main Character) who serves as you/yourlifepoints, while the rest of the game played through monster attack cards or the effects on the other cards. In a revision, it should be not so much card driven as rule driven as well, like many other TCGs out there. (I will provide the old rules at a later time (once I refind them) so as to show how the game worked back then, and why it needs changes)

3. The game, though fun, did not incorporate much of the Code Lyoko series rules in it. Like characters virtualized or de-virtualized had no difference except for effect and could be played with no limits. This counted for virtualized/de-virtualized weapons as well. XANA attacks, monsters, and other such cards had no such limits of being 'bad' or 'good', and other than the names/pictures, one could not really tell it was Code Lyoko.

I wish to change them somehow by incorporating Towers into it, where xana attacks cannot be played without tower cards, where you cannot play virtualized without first being de-virtualized, and such things. This is open to any amount of ideas you can come up with.

4. The game had a lot of cards that were not of the show, but of random images, due to the fact most cards were made at a time when s1 and s2 were the only seasons. Now with 5 seasons open to us, this should no longer be required and these cards could be revised to better fitting pictures, re-made, or just ditched altogether. And of course, the game itself be updated to 3-5.

...So this is just my ideas, and by no means set in stone. But for anyone that would like to help, would like to offer ideas, or just interested in this project and wants to see the old cards/rules. Please post in this topic with any comments you wish to make. ^^;

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