Naruto - Black & White: The Years We Fought

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Naruto - Black & White: The Years We Fought

Post by Hime_Kay » 22 Dec 2013, 02:37

I would not recommend joining as we are extremely far into the plot, which stems from Naruto - Black & White.


"It's been a long time, hasn't it? Too long for you all to were just babies then. Just little ones. There use to be a village here...the Great Leaf Village...We protected it. We died for it..." They stared up at their mother as she spoke, watching as tears ran down her face. "It wasn't really our home...our home was the Magma...but those I loved...those I love now...they lived here. For a time...we lived here too."

Kay-Lin Uchiha stood on the ruins of the Hokage Tower, her face turned up to the sky. With a final sigh, she turned and regarded her children. Her little boys and her sweet little girl. "Nearly 97 years ago your father and I fought for our lives and the lives of our friends here..."

They knew of their mother's ability to expand life. They themselves were kept alive by it. Now they stood, gazing at the sight then towards the row of graves, those who had died those many years ago.

"Mother..." Kay-Lin whispered softly. "I'm so sorry..." But she had no time to remember the past. It was time for the present and currently they were quite late for the opening of the new Leaf Village. "Come on Akira. Yuki, quit messing with the birds. Izu, make sure to watch Kay before she wanders off." Turning her back on the wasteland she'd once called home, she headed off to a new one, not knowing of the danger brewing silently in the background.

Note #2: The CC format is only for NEW characters! Any old, returning characters do not need a cc format.

OCs: Important Only
Naruto: Zuku
Sasuke: Zuku
Hinata: Me~

CC Format:
Offspring of Who?:


Note: I had all of my new characters, which really aren't so new, halt their ages at 17, so they wouldn't become older than their mother, at least in appearance. Except for Hina, who is still growing little by little.

Name: Akira Uchiha & Yuki Uchiha
Age: 17
Offspring of Who?: Kay-Lin and Izumi
Looks: Image
-Bright and intuitive, outgoing and loud-mouthed.
-Naive and a bit impulsive, shy and softspoken.
-Twins with Yuki though the oldest, Akira is the more outgoing of the lot. He cares deeply for his little brothers and sister. In a sense, he's much like Naruto what with the endless appetite and forever talking loud.
-The youngest twin of him and Akira, he's more prone to acting before thinking. Plus, he's very naive, falling for the pranks of his siblings more than one. In a sense, he's more like his 'Uncle' Zuku what with the obvious shyness and tendency to talk softly.

Name: Izu Uchiha
Age: 17
Offspring of Who?: Kay-Lin and Izumi
Looks: Image
Personality: Quiet and confident, outgoing yet softspoken
Bio: Izu is the oldest twin of him and Kay (though they look NOTHING alike). In retrospect, he wasn't even suppose to be a twin, as Kay's unexpected appearance was a great surprise to his mother. It would seem that the reason Kay couldn't be detected is that he had been 'protecting' her, his body shielding hers. Whatever the case, he's very protective and loves his sister dearly.

Name: Kay Uchiha
Age: 17
Offspring of Who?: Kay-Lin and Izumi
Looks: Image
Personality: A tad anti-social and tends to wander, shy with a fierce temper.
Bio: Kay doesn't mind being the unexpected child. In fact she rather enjoys being different. She has her mother's temper, something no one wants to deal with, yet she tends to wander off when no one is paying attention. So it wasn't surprising when Izu was dealt the task of making sure she stayed put. The Curse Mark on her neck continues to bother her which puzzles everyone.

Name: Hina Yamanaka
Age: 18
Offspring of Who?: Hinami and Zuku
Looks: Image
Personality: Bubbly and hyper
Bio: Hina is very much like her mother, with charm and an adorable smile. It's no surprise, what with how Zuku spoiled her, that she is a Daddy's Girl. Though not the spoiled or whiny type. She's very independent but needs a comforting touch now and then. Despite being who-knows-how-much-older than Kay, they're great friends. She also adores Naruto~!

Name: Rina Uchiha
Age: 15
Offspring of Who?: Sasuke and Rei
Looks: Image
Personality: Goofy, yet serious looking
Bio: Her first word was Now, her second word was No. Her third word was Sasuke. And her fourth word Rei. After THAT came the mommy and daddy. Even though Rina was serious child, she grew into an utter goofball with a serious expression.

Name: Kiya
Age: 15
Offspring of Who?: Shimenko and Kiyoko
Looks: Image
Personality: Calm, easily irritated, and sweet...sometimes...
Bio: Kiya may be the youngest, but her dominating attitude shows, especially when she's mad at her brother. His condecending attitude and arrogance annoys her to no end and she won't hesitate to let him have it at times. Kiya is described as one of the most beautiful Kunoichi in the New Hidden Leaf. She's ranked with her friend Kay in the top category, so it's no surprise that many want to be on her team.

Name: Sasuni
Age: 19
Offspring of Who?: Sasuke and Hinata
Personality: Cold, anti-social, stoic
Bio: Despite Hinata's best intentions Sasuni never fully forgave Sasuke and he still holds disdain towards Rei and his half-sister Rina. He doesn't like to be anywhere near Sasuke when 'those women'; as he calls them; are around. Sasuni can be seen hanging around Yuki most of the time. Thanks to the halting of their ages he's only two years older than Yuki and the others. He doesn't like that Rina is now close in age to him though.

Name: Okin
Age: 17
Offspring of Who?: Oken and Farren
Looks: Image
Personality: Loving and attentive despite his reserved appearance.
Bio: Okin is the spitting image of his grandfather, Itachi Uchiha, though he looks a bit like his father as well. He's protective of his little brother and very, very attentive as well, taking care of his brother like a parent would.
Kay-Lin and Izumi: Akira, Yuki, Izu, and Kay
Oken and Farren: Okin, Niko
Sasuke and Rei: Rina
Sasuke and Hinata: Sasuni
Kinchai and Tama: Kin
Hinami and Zuku: Hina, Zuko
Shimenko and Kiyoko: Shi, Kiya
Naruto and Hinata: Minato, Hinati
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