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New Titans

Post by Fire Lord Zuku » 06 Jun 2014, 16:45

The Teen Titans have dedicated their lives to protecting their home from crime and the evil forces who wish to destroy that which they protect. There have been moments where times got rough and things looked bleak, but they have pulled through and prevailed time and time again. Many years eventually passed and their name changed from Teen Titans to simply Titans. They all got better and better at doing what they do, and became stronger. Eventually, they decide to settle down and take a short break for a few years, to see how things would go without their constant patrol. At first, there was minimal problems, simple things that could be solved by the police. After a while, crime started to step up and they were forced to get back into the field to provide assistance. By this point, they already had children, so they had to hide their other lives from them to keep them safe, which raised suspicions and problems with the children hemselves, until they were eventually old enough to be trained to follow in their parents' footsteps if they were to accept the responsibility. Now, it is quite a few years later, and the Titans' children have decided to get together and form the new Teen Titans. Not only that, but the children of various other heroes from around the globe have offered their help as well, should they need it, and are on-call at any time. Little do they know, that the villains their parents used to constantly do battle with have also passed the torch, and new supervillains are plotting to make themselves known as well. The newest battle between good and evil is about to begin. How will you tip the odds?

1. No godmod. Everyone loses sometime, embrace it. This also means no controlling others' characters, unless consent by their owner is given and confirmed by me.
2. No time travelers. Obviously, that would throw of the flow of the rp, and be a bit OP. So no.
3. No breaking the fourth wall. Obvious.
4. No flaming. Everyone is important, and remember it's all so we all can have fun.
5. Have fun!
6. If you've read these rules, put either TITANS GO! if your characters are primarily(majority) good, or TITANS MUST FALL! if primarily evil. Or antihero.

CC Format
Hero/Villain Alias?(Not required):
Parents?(if a known hero/villain):
Other Looks?:
Side(Good, Evil, Neutral):

I'll post mine later
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