Fractured Flora (Original RP)

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Fractured Flora (Original RP)

Post by Karanto » 18 Feb 2015, 01:23

Ever planted a flower in a garden and notice weeds growing around it pesky little things aren't they. Well that is how all this works in a way originally their was only world and then a bunch of pesky over worlds began popping up one by one. This caused multiple disasters and problems for the Original World.
You maybe confused by this Ill make it simple my world is the flower and the others are the weeds that needed to exterminated because with every weed my world grew weaker.

My world created a corporation called the Rose Thorns this corporation was in exterminating the other worlds. But like I stated their is only way to kill a weed and that is to kill the root. If you pluck a weed it will just grow back. The same rule applies here in each world their is being known as the Root of the world. The Root sometimes their inanimate most time their living breathing beings.
In most cases the roots are mystery to most people who reside in their world but a few know of the roots existence. Most roots are sealed away for their own protection and once that seal is broken it is still a rather large and dangerous task of getting to the root to kill it.
Once the root is killed the world dies and usually the creatures and people that inhabit the world with it.

Sadly their are now only four word exist. My world is one of them.
Well five worlds if you count where we are now this is the cross road garden it is the one place capable of allowing travelling between the worlds the one road that leads to the other worlds.

I am sorry time on the essence here and I am getting off topic. I need your help it wasn't until the sixth world the last one to be exterminated that I realized how much we are all in not just my world everyone one of them.
My World the Rose Thorns my brother believes what we have done is noble even I fooled myself into thinking that. It isn't right the people the reason the worlds perished was because of our own selfish reason the people perish deserve for us to admit that.
Again damn I got off topic I'm sending these letter to your world because during the extermination of the sixth world I came across knowledge information that the RoseThorns and my world are being manipulated and we are all just toys in this beings game.

I don't expect you to be happy with working with me and I have so little information of your worlds for all I know you could of known people from the other worlds but please just give me a chance.
The second I got back to my own world with this knowledge It didn't take long for them to realize I had gone rogue I destroyed their ability to enter the cross and road and to enter your world for now but I know my brother I know the RoseThorns I even know who is behind all of this.
I bought us time but that wont last long and I know I cant stop them without help. You people were on the list of people we planned to eliminate first because it was deemed that in your timeline you would become a threat to us if you weren't eliminated. Don't ask me how I know that trust it is really complicated and will all make more sense once we actually meet.

I have sealed a device we call the Petal Porter its in the letter attach it to your person and activate it by pressing down on the rose petal pattern it will transport you to the coordinates I have set.
I don't expect you all to trust me especially after revealing that we may have planned to have you eliminated first so bring your weapons I wont fight unless I have to defend myself from attack but I am only here to talk.

The Worlds That Exist

Rose: The Word responsible for the extermination of 24 other words. The Original world so it claims to be this world is set in a rather modern time with a mixture of Science and Technology dominating the world. It has been hit by multiple disasters in the past. A world with a elegance about its cities and simplicity about the villages and town beyond it its a lovely mix where having multiple connections pays off. This world is populated by difference races and creatures most of whom seem to bare traits from other worlds races world. The capital city of this world exist on water beyond that is a lush green world where flora usually flourish. The weather can turn harsh though.

Thistle: A harsh world this world is that is populated by brutal warriors. This is the world where the tribes rule with a iron fist. Life is harsh for the people of this world the capital city of the world being located in the centre of a dessert with ruins of a ancient civilization scattered around it. while most towns and villages are located in snowy mountains the most peaceful place in the land is the few oasis that are hidden in the dessert or the harsh jungle environment. Ultimately this land is populated by wild beasts. The beings in this world are usually very strong Beast like humans with heightened senses of animals. There is a rare defect in this world where a person can be born with the body of a average human with the defect they may lack enhanced animal senses but they are unique due to their ability to create packs with wild beasts of the world.

Lavender: A world highly dominated by magic this world is one that does not have to obey the laws of physics. The land of this world is rather old fashioned and almost medieval castles are cities are really the size of large towns plus with magical structures scattered across the land things seem to change all the time. It seems just about everything in the environment is magical so don't just assume a forest is a forest in this world.
The creatures in this land are rather dangerous due to them being inflicted with magical energy. The people may not be physically strong but no one has access to more magic than them.

Crateva: A world where the two major cities are in the sky and the ocean where technology is at its prime. Small Towns located underground in almost steam punk style. This worlds environment is polluted making traveling through it dangerous. waste dumped on the ground the people of the world have the luxury of having amazing technology but at a serious cost. The people of this world have augmented themselves severely resulting in almost cyborg like beings or android could be the better word. They have access to the best technologies and mechanisms. Just because this world lacks creatures a lush environment does not mean it doesn't have monsters as the environment are plagued by scrap like creatures covered in rust.

Forum rules apply
When it comes to the knowledge of what your character has have it make sense their needs be a reason why they specifically know that piece of information. Example Saleme knows how to customize firearms because he is trained in using them.

No major occurances or character interactions that will massively change the storyline without the consent of the RP Creator, and those whose characters will be affected. Any breaches of this are akin to Godmodding, and will need to be edited- the RP creator will let you know

Example something that will massively interrupt someone else's storyline/plot is the reason we need this rule.
Example talking to them, having something happen near them is fine

I have received complaints about GodModing and would like give a reminder to anyone who is doing it to stop. No Instant blocking all attacks. No being able to do a super move unless it drains your characters of their energy.

Race List
Rose: Humans, Witches, Shifters, Espers
Lavander: Elves, Fairys, Demons, Spirits
Thistle: Beastmen, Sky People, Defects
Carveta: Robots, Cyborgs, Augmented humans, Technomancer

[*] Humans: Humans are considered one of the more do it yourself type of races in Rose. They are well trained and often underestimated at first but they know very well on how to take down other specifically witches shifters and Espers so don't go underestimating them as no race is better with weapons than them.

[*] Witches are somewhat rare race in the Rose world. Humans with magical abilities are rumoured to possess elven blood within them a race that went extinct thousand of years ago. Born with the power to wield a specific element and also cast healing spells some witches are said to live far beyond that of a humans natural life span.

[*] Shifters are a unique race no one is sure who a shift is mainly due to their ability to change their appearance at will. Originally just normal humans shifters powers manifest at the age eight teen

[*] Espers are mental masters with the power to use their minds as weapons Espers are the rarest race in Rose but also the most dangerous.


[*] Elves agile and acrobatic the elf is always fast on their feet. Most elves use magic and very peaceful beings but get on the wrong side of one and it never usually ends well. Some are sophisticated some aren't but one thing is for sure all are wise.

[*]Farias are cheerful creatures with a love of trickery and the ability to change their size. Fairies are often seen as a nuisance due to their prank pulling.

[*] Demons are a source of danger in this world a major source of danger not all of them are interested in just causing trouble though some like to make deals one thing is for certain though they like to cause trouble. They maybe treated as citizens but few people like business with them. Demons are master of dark spells and their devil wings and horn are scene as trophies.

[*]Spirits are considered the opposite of Demons they usually tend to try helping those and have no interest in personal gain. They tend to bicker a lot with demons and possess the ability to fade through objects and out of sight.

[*]Beastmen are somewhat human like with animal features or you could put it somewhat animal like with human features strong and agile these creatures have enhanced senses.

[*]Sky People are a race of bird and dragon like people who formidable in the air if you mess with onewell your as good as gone. If razor sharp feathers and fire breathing doesn't impress you their battle knowledge will so don't assume their just brutes.

[*]Defect are the rarest species in thistle seen as a treasure they lack the any traits from creatures but are born with the power to connect to a creature a creature that will defend them care for them as if family the connection is so strong they claim to be able to see through eachothers eyes and even sense eachothers location.

[*] Cyborgs are humans that choose to become machines converting their entire bodies to a machine like state.

[*] Robots were created it was only recently that they became able to think for themselves it is often brought into question if they have a souls.

[*] Augmented humans are humans that were often involved in a accident resulting in them gaining a mechanical body part. It has became a costume that any human born would gain a augmentation on their first birthday.

[*] Technopaths are humans that seem to have a control of mechanisms very dangerous most of them are often tracked down and kept under control. Technopaths seem to possess no emotions or show any expression but deep down they really do have emotions and the capability to care.


[*] Nightborns are considered one of the most powerful but at the same time least common from lilly able to manipulate the minds of those they come across. A bite from a Nightborn is known to conquer the will and hearts of the most strictest warriors. Plus if they are outmatched their wings are usually what save them. Nightlords posses the ability to not only manipulate their own blood but to mess around with the blood of those they are making physical contact with.

[*] Ghouls they possess the capability to regenerate wounds such as loss arms in a matter of hours plus their ability to burst into a swarm of Bats and Rats and other small creatures makes them a real pain. They also possess the ability to manipulate their own blood into weapons.

[*] Splicers are born when a several parts of different individuals are brought together and sewn together and given life some parts even come from animals. Splicers are usually towering giants with well it would be foolish to assume they only have two sets of hands or feet. Splicers control body parts that have fallen off them and even shift their body parts around just because a splicer appears to have no mouth on its face doesn't mean it doesn't have a mouth.


[*] Mer race of men and wemon who come from the ocean Mer are seen as the most beautifull race in bluebell. Usually not seen as the strongest race they posses powerful magic that allows them to manipulate water around them and also create it masters at healing magic they may seem weak but underestimating them has lead to the death of many. Mer people seem to possess the body of a human until you get below their torso in which cause the rest of their body is part sea creature.

[*] Sha A race of powerful beings these creatures are known to be the most dangerous. Almost mafia like they hold a high stake when it comes to family and seemed to have dominated what little land their is. Known for being agile and for having monstrous teeth. Sha cannot use water magic but instead seem to possess a unique weapon that they can summon that has the ability to manipulate water and wind making them masters of the sky in the .

[*] Jel One of the most peaceful and laid back races you will find these individuals just happily swim along and float known for being excellent at defending themselves. These people have the ability to sting whatever they touch and the ability to encase themselves in a hard shell like casing. It isn't just stinging that one has to be worried about Jel at effecting people with poisons that the jells own body creates all it takes is one sting. They also possess tendrils in their backs which they can use for when they are on the offensive.


CC Format
World Of Origin:

CC format (Beast Companion) (Only if from Thistle and owner is afflicted with defect)
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