Fushigi High - You'll Need To Fight Yourself To Save Us All

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Fushigi High - You'll Need To Fight Yourself To Save Us All

Post by TequilaMockingbird » 21 Mar 2015, 01:27

Hi there, CL. I've had an idea for an RP, and I thought I'd just leave it here to see if it garners any interest. :D

This RP is heavily inspired by Persona 4. You don't need to have played the game to understand this RP (although it really is worth a play if you have the time, and the anime isn't half bad either), and this RP will have 0 spoilers for any Persona games. It'll simply use similar mechanics/ plot devices.

You are a student at the prestigious Fushigi High, whether your family is rich, or you're here on a scholarship, it doesn't matter, the high life is there for the taking. Fushigi High is a boarding school with all the best facilities, and life here is perfect...or it would be, if strange occurrences weren't becoming more and more prevalent. Strangely trashed classrooms, twisting corridors that students swore weren't there before, and the disappearance of a student.

As the characters will learn, there is a dark force colloquially known as "Shadow" or "Shadows", which feed on human fear, anger and insecurity, and manifest these feelings into dangerous creatures and even whole locations. A human who can face their own demons and overcome and accept themselves, warts and all (traditionally done by literally fighting the "boss" form the shadows twist themselves into) will gain a Persona, a powerful entity that will fight on their behalf, using powerful magic abilities or strong physical moves, depending on the human they are linked to.

Fushigi High is in danger, the shadows are corrupting and feeding off the school, and once they succeed, they won't stop there. To defeat them, you'll need to fight yourself and help your friends fight themselves, to join forces and use your personas to drive out the evil force and find out what's truly behind it, for good.


Forum Rules Apply
-No Godmodding
-No insta-dodging each attack
- Try not to wait too long for someone else to post, the etiquette is polite but keeping a steady stream of posts may be preferable
- Have fun! Seriously. I'm not just saying it in a "cool mom" way, I honestly mean it. If you aren't having fun, let me know, and I'll try to help with that
-I reserve the right to add extra rules, should certain problems arise (but I very much doubt this will be necessary)

  • Name:


    Age: Between 15-19, with 15 being a first year, and a 19 year old in his/her last year.


    Weapon: Please consider something realistic that would make sense in a boarding school setting, for example, Twin Uzis and a Grenade belt would be fairly bamf-y, but would get confiscated immediately.

    History/Other Important Information:

    Favourite Class:

    Least Favourite Class:

    Flaws and Insecurities: A very important section, as I will be designing the Shadow Boss you must face (and the themed dungeon they will reside in) by using this section. What aspects of your character would the shadows exploit?

    Your Persona Design: After you've beaten your own shadow, with the help of your friends, this will be the powerful summon who will aid you in battle. Feel free to include a picture, and a nice description. Remember, your persona is an extension of your character, and, unlike the shadow, is perhaps your characters best or most redeeming aspects. They will also have abilities that compliment yours.
Persona Example:
Image Like Shadows, Personas can be quite Avant Garde, and use a multitude of different themes.
The RP will start (if anyone would like to join) by all characters involved being held in detention, several hours after the first girl's disappearance, for mandatory questioning. None of the students are being blamed, but the School is worried. They'll meet each other (characters may already know each other from sharing classes, if you so wish and so on, simply include that in the bio), and things will most likely start to take a turn for the strange.
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