Legend of Zorca(inspired by the Fire Emblem series)

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Legend of Zorca(inspired by the Fire Emblem series)

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(This is pretty long, so bear with me folks.)

A herd of men and women were directed through a long, torchlit corridor, leading into what appeared to be a banquet hall, much like those set in royal palaces. Along the edge of the large room stood quite a few heavily armored men who stood in place, gripping lances as they scanned over the people joining them in the room. Aside from them, quite a few men and women dressed in white hooded cloaks with their hoods down, were also lining the room, their gaze on the strange young people before them. Some were in possession of strange occult artifacts, others had sheathed swords or axes hanging from their waists. Along the balcony outlining the upper part of the room were more cloaked men and women, this time with bows and quivers strapped to their backs. All of these people were chattering amongst themselves, quietly commenting on the group who had arrived before them, many young ladies and gentlemen obviously from many different cultures and disciplines.

Once they were all gathered inside, the doors were closed behind them. After a few moments, there was a tapping sound that briefly echoed throughout the large room, which apparently was a signal for the people stationed around the room to quiet themselves into silence, as they did just that. Directing their attention to the large set of doors along the center wall, the doors opened to reveal a man dressed in a white cloak like the others. Nothing seemed particularly distinguishing about him, in fact, he seemed to be younger than half of the others in cloaks.


"Let's see what we've got here," he spoke, clasping his hands together behind his back as he looked over the group in the center of the room. "Doesn't look like a bad group, not at all. Hey there," he smirked, offering a quick bow. "I'm running behind schedule, and I'm sure you guys don't wanna listen to me yak yak yak your ears off, so I'll try to be as quick as possible. Listen up, ya might learn something. We've all heard the Legend of Zorca at one point or another in our lives, right? Legend has it that our world once inhabited three kinds of beings: us, the humans. Nothing to explain there. There were Dragons, powerful lizard-like beings with wings who were extremely durable and physically enormous with strength unparalleled. Then, there were Deadmorphs. These ugly b*st*rds came in many forms: Revenant, Bonewalkers, Mogalls, Tarvos', Mauthe Doogs, Gargoyles, and Baels. No need to go into detail on them, I'll tell ya why. One day, a strange Deadmorph rose up, unlike any other Deadmorph ever been found in existence. Maybe the only one of his kind. He unified the evil beasts, and coordinated them on assaults in an effort to gain control of the world, calling himself The Demon King. Humans and Dragons had to band together to stop the threat, and eventually, they succeeded in sealing away The Demon King, due to the help of the Sacred Artifacts. Collectively dubbed Zorca, these artifacts held immense power, and could only be wielded by a select few humans. These humans became the Eight Heroes of Legend. If ya wanna know more about the Heroes, we got texts you all can use for research." He paused to look at the faces of the group, taking in their expressions and mannerisms. He was mainly looking to examine personalities this way.

"The world was safe from The Demon King," he continued. "But the display of power from the two remaining races had torn a hole in their unity: each collectively started to fear the other, and eventually the Dragons turned against us. After many attempts to sway their hostility, the Heroes of Legend were forced to fight back. After a long era of war, known as The Scouring, the Dragons finally made a decision to retreat through The Dragon's Gate, an interdimensional portal crafted with powerful ancient magic. Humans had won yet again. I mean, nowadays we got what are called Wyverns, which seem to be like, lesser descendants of Dragons.......but I digress."

The strange man paused in place, stretching lazily. He didn't seem very professional at first glance, so it was hard to tell just who exactly he might be. He smirked, clapping his hands together as he started to wring them a little, looking over the group. "Welp, that was a fun history lesson, wasn't it, kiddies? Ya learn something today? Good! Now, enough of that. Time to focus on the now. You're here for one or more of five reasons. Either ya wanna protect some people, ya wanna make some kinda difference in the world, ya just wanna get stronger, you're good at killing, or you're just bored and wanna kill some time. None of it makes a difference to me. We're an organization who trains mercs. I know, I know, some of you wanna b*tch at me about morals and whatnot, right? Relax. We got our Code of Honor. We never pit our own on opposite sides, for one. Two, if ya really don't like a client of ours, ya don't have to take the job. We consider the input of our soldiers. Once a concern is brought to our attention, we make sure to investigate thoroughly. We never willingly help the crooked and corrupt.......but, well, y'know........people lie from time to time. Sh*t happens. Oh, and we never give you a mission beyond your level of skill, we're pretty efficient at gauging that, so don't worry. In return, whatever your field of profession, we got the finest instructors in the world to help ya train. And once ya take a few missions, and get good enough, we'll make sure you get well established with a name known around the world. Graduating warriors get themselves a new title, along with a pretty artifact that permanently boosts your abilities significantly. For some it may be a badge, others a magic ring. Flying units, an enchanted whip. Use it, or don't. Either way, once you touch it, you'll feel your power boost. Something to work for, ladies and gentlemen. We look forward to watching ya kiddies grow. Good luck out there, and have fun!"

"Oh, and me? I'm Headmaster Assassin Ordon, and I run things around here. I can be a fun guy, but don't let that fool ya. I don't play when it comes to business. Show me what ya got, and I'm sure I'll be impressed eventually. In this line of work, ya either get skilled quickly, or, well, you die. Don't expect me to cry for ya, it's a part of life. I see a hundred new faces a month. Lesson number one, make sure to watch your own back first and foremost. Then worry about your allies. See, you're learning all types of great crap today! Anyway, I gotta go. Got some boring meetings to attend. Welcome, to The Band of the White Hawk." With that, he offered a lazy wave to the crowd of recruits before him, before turning and walking back out through the door in which he came.

1. We all know the rules of common courtesy.
2. Any plot ideas or concerns should be run by me, we can work something out.
3. Have fun!

How Titles work: Titles are earned as your character progresses and gains a promotion. The earned Title is up to your preference, but requires specific training. Like college courses. Along with a Title, one may also learn a specific Skill, a limited-use technique fueled by Mana(the energy that fuels living beings) that may activate during a specific scenario.

Another note: Flying troops share a higher weakness to arrows than others, and Wyverns a weakness to offensive magic. There is also a triangle of magic effectiveness: Anima(Elemental) is strong against Light, Light is strong against Dark, and Dark is strong against Anima.

Titles - Organized by category
The Sturdy Infantry
Berserker - Powerful, axe-wielding behemoths that usually promote from Pirates. These guys may not have much in the way of defensive armor, but they sure can take some punishment and keep fighting. Also, since they have an innate fighting instinct, they know how to land a well-placed strike like a Sniper or Swordmaster could. You'd do well to use a speed advantage against these guys one-on-one. They are also adept at fighting in any type of terrain.
Skill: Wrath - Once the user's body recieves sufficient damage, the mind registers imminent danger, increasing strength and accuracy
Prerequisite training: Pirate
Warrior - An axe-wielder who is also certified in bowmanship and very adept at hand-to-hand brawling. What they lack in defense and speed, they make up for in their endurance and strength, much like a Berserker. However, they are usually weaker and less accurate than their axe-only counterpart, making up for this as well with the ability to attack from a distance with their bow.
Skill: Shattering Punch - Infuses their fists with mana to drastically increase punching power. Under the force of these punches, enemy armor will likely crack and shatter. Just imagine what would happen to bones, huh?
Prerequisite training: Fighter or Pirate
Hero - Usually wielding Swords along with Axes, and a shield to defend with, they are usually described as a mix between a General and a Swordmaster. They do not have as much defense as Generals, but are faster than them, and they do not have as much speed as Swordmasters, but have better defense. As as a result, well-trained Heroes can block attacks like Generals, but still have enough agility to dodge assaults like Swordmasters.
Prerequisite training: Mercenary or Fighter
Ranger - Like all mounted units, Rangers generally have great mobility, though may be slower than other mounts. Rangers are noted for being the only mounted unit being able to navigate across water, which is something only a Berserker, Pirate, Thief, or Flier would be able to do. Of course, they would only be able to do so much while swimming.
Prerequisite training: Archer or Mercenary
Sniper - The promoted version of the Archer and a foe to be feared if you are a Flier. While not particularly different from normal Archers, the Sniper is certified to use the higher class bow weapons. While they do receive a significant boost in defense and health, they're still very vulnerable targets and can't take very much punishment. Snipers will often dodge many attacks directed at them, but of course, aren't able to dodge everything. Like Archers, Snipers can also use Ballista, huge crossbows perched atop a carriage.
Skill: Sure Strike - Enables the Sniper to mentally control their arrows to ensure they hit their target. However, this consumes considerable mana and only lasts a short while before needing to recover.
Prerequisite training: Archer

The Armored Lancers
General - The promoted versions of Knights. They have excellent defense, good attack, surprising evasive ability for their size and somewhat decent resistance. They are quite slow, but what they lack in maneuverability they make up for with defensive and offensive ability.
Skill: Great Shield - Uses mana to create an impenetrable shield around them, invulnerable even to armor-piercing weapons or even magic.
Prerequisite training: Knight
Great Knight - More defensively oriented than the other mounted classes. They use swords and lances in addition to axes. Great Knights have inferior mobility compared to most riders due to their increased weight, but are incredibly tough to wound, their mount as well.
Prerequisite training: Cavalier or Knight
Paladin - Promoted from Cavalier, the Paladin works in exactly the same way as their lower class. These soldiers rely on their superior movement abilities to support their allies rather than attack head on. Because they have no real statistic strengths, Paladins and Cavaliers often aid their allies from a distance, quickly block a wave of approaching enemies or rescue an injured or slow ally to bring them into/out of the battle. Paladins are also capable to substitute for generals in sheer evasive abilities, speed and strength. They are very effective in disrupting enemy troops long enough for their allies to get into position.
Prerequisite training: Cavalier

The Fliers
Valkyrie - A promoted Pegasus Knight, they can use lances and swords. The Valkyrie receives slight boosts to their defense, and are stronger in the sense that they can carry heavier allies easier.
Prerequisite training: Pegasus Knight
Wyvern Knight - Mounted on the back of a Wyvern, they specialize in using only Lances. Like their preceding class, Wyvern Knights are weak against Bows and Anti-Dragon weapons like the Dragonpike.
Skill: Pierce - Imbues their weapon with mana, allowing them to cut through thick defensive armor like a hot knife through butter. Lasts a short while.
Prerequisite training: Wyvern Rider or Pegasus Knight
Wyvern Lord - Promoted Wyvern Riders that have higher durability, strength, and defense, despite their speed and resistance disadvantage when compared to its Valkyrie counterparts. Like the Valkyrie, they also wield swords.
Prerequisite training: Wyvern Rider

The Swift Swordwielders
Swordmaster - The promotion of the Myrmidon. These lightly armored foot soldiers are capable and have an increased skill with a sword, allowing them to easily deal critical strikes. A common misconception is that swordmasters have high strength; their strength is generally average or below average, but is made up for by their ability to quickly spot weak points in an enemy's defenses and effectively attack these points.
Skill: Astra - When activated, time around the user slows to a crawl and they can unleash up to five consecutive strikes before time returns to normal. It is an awesome attacking skill great for ensuring a few blows on evasive enemies.
Prerequisite training: Myrmidon
Assassin - Considered to be a useful class to have on the field, and if you face one, you'll fear it. When they promote from a Thief, they lose their ability to Steal, though they keep their ability to use the Lockpick and to disarm traps. Despite being unable to Steal, they gain the potential to be a formidable combat class.
Skill: Silencer - Imbuing the blade of their sword or knife with mana, it ensures that any target cut by the blade will die by cursing the wound and implanting an extremely fast-acting poison. For armored foes, however, one must first get through the armor.
Prerequisite training: Rogue or Myrmidon
Ninja - Ninjas, like the Rogue class, exceed in their high speed and evasiveness. Although they usually have somewhat mediocre defense and resistance they often dodge enough enemy attacks to make up for that. Ninjas are usually quietly aiding allies from the shadows as opposed to brawling on the front lines. Ninjas are usually weaker than Assassins, less durable, and possess lower skill with a blade.
Skill: Pick - Ninjas, unlike Rogues, have no need for lockpicks, and can open locks quietly with just their bare hands, making them useful for sneaking into enemy strongholds without drawing attention to themselves.
Prerequisite training: Rogue

The Magic Wielders
Sage - Sages gain the ability to wield Healing Staves in addition to Anima Magic, and Light Magic as well, allowing them to attack at a distance as well as heal allies. Due to Sages' sky-high Magic cap, their tome strength and healing potency is unparalleled.
Skill: Rally Magic - Boosts the magic of all units within the nearby area. In additon to powering up the magical weapons of allies, this skill also makes the healing power of Healing Staves stronger, so it has lots of strategic uses when it comes to magical abilities.
Prerequisite training: Mage or Monk
Mage Knight - Mage Knights use mainly Anima Magic, but can also use Healing Staves as well. They are mounted on horses and so have high mobility and evasive capabilities.
Prerequisite training: Cleric or Mage
Bishop - Are capable of wielding Light Magic and Healing Staves. Usually Bishops have high magic power and resistance, but low defense. They are generally more comfortable as healers, but can also fight with magic.
Skill: Slayer - An innate skill that grants their holy magic increased damage against monsters.
Prerequisite training: Priest or Monk
Troubadour - Usually strategically used as healers but can also use Light Magic or Anima Magic in a pinch. As they are battle maidens on horseback, they can move further much faster than Bishops; however, stat-wise, they are like bishops but with a higher speed and less resistance. As far as their battle roles go, they are more suited to kill enemy magic-users.
Prerequisite training: Cleric
Druid - Promoted Shamans and are capable of using Dark Magic and Healing Staves. They have a higher physical defense and durability but lower speed and accuracy than Sages. They usually have high magic power, and resistance, and are adept at spotting enemy weak points.
Prerequisite training: Shaman
Summoner - Can summon Phantom minions to fight for them, are quite skilled in using Dark Magic on their own, and can also use Healing Staves. As the Summoner's skill gets higher, the Phantoms they summon become proportionally more powerful. Statistically, Summoners have lower magic power, resistance, and are slower than Druids.
Skill: Phantom Summon - The Summoner can summon Phantoms, ethereal beings that vanish upon taking damage. Phantoms usually wield axes, and their strength is dependent on the skill of their respective Summoners. Phantoms also can fly, so they can traverse nearly any type of terrain.
Prerequisite training: Shaman

The Sturdy Infantry
Pirate - After years of breathing sea air and combatting salty sea-foes, these scurvy dogs possess characteristically high strength and durability. Despite living for a life of riches on the sea, they generally have somewhat low defense, what with all of a tattered shirt and a peg leg to defend ‘em. Generally wield axes. Pirates can fight in the ocean, although they are severely slower.
Fighter - These knuckle brawlers hit you hard and have a lot of durability. They aren’t the fastest in the race and generally have poor defense and generally cannot get through defensive armor.
Mercenary - Sword-wielding Mercenaries are some of the most powerful fighters you can have on the field since in most cases they can deal lots of damage while being able to take a few hits as well.
Archer - Archers are foot soldiers who specialize in bowmanship. While low in defense and durability, they can deal with enemies from a range without much fear of counterattack. They can also take position in Ballistae, carriage-mounted crossbows with a remarkable firing range.

The Armored Lancers
Knight – These heavily armored foot soliders usually use lances. They are generally very slow, but have very high defense and good attack power.
Cavalier - A horse-mounted unit capable of using either swords or lances as their weapons. While they do not possess extremely high strength, durability or defense, these characters can move very long distances across the battlefield, riding quickly from one area to another.

The Fliers
Pegasus Knight(Female only) - These lance-wielders have the ability to fly over normally impassable terrain for long distances, a natural ability to fear should you be facing air units. Pegasus Knights tend to have very low defense and durability, making them a little more fragile than other characters. Their high speed is their saving grace, easily avoiding attacks.
Wyvern Riders(Male only) - The male counterpart to Pegasus Knights, Wyvern Riders typically have more durability, strength, and defense than Pegasus Knights, while the latter has more speed and magic resistance.

The Swift Swordwielders
Myrmidon - The Myrmidon's superior speed and skill over other similar classes make them very formidable foot soldiers able to deal attacks of high accuracy, but their lack of durability, strength, and defense make them extra cautious against quick and accurate opponents. Myrmidons are also known for their higher percentage of dealing critical attacks, easily picking out and attacking weak points.
Rogue - These sword or knife using units specialize in speed and stealth over power and defense. The Rogue focuses on quickness and agility in combat, while also using dark areas to their advantage. Expect them to dodge the majority of attacks thrown at them, but don't count on getting much out of their low attack power. They can see farther than other units, and their keen eyes catch even the smallest of details, making them extremely useful scouts in poor visibility areas. Upon enrolling as a Rogue, one is given a set of lockpicks, which can be used to open locks without the needed key.
Skill: Steal - Allows them to use mana to steal items from enemy soldiers by way of a mana-fueled teleport, however it does not work with inorganic matter. This is a dangerous technique, as it could be used to disarm powerful enemies, however it is extremely taxing on the user's mana, and essentially can be used once or twice a day until the user becomes highly skilled, enabling more uses for less mana.

The Magic Wielders
Mage - Units who use magic tomes to attack. They primarily use anima magic, although in some cases they specialize in certain types of anima magic, such as fire, wind, or thunder. Mages' stats have few consistencies, but they will almost always have a very high resistance in place of defense.
Monk - Monks are 1st tier of class wielders of light magic. They generally use Lightning and Shine, but sometimes use more advanced tomes as well, such as Aura.
Priest(male) - Mainly for support roles, only capable of aiding allies with the power of Healing Staves and kind words of support. As such, Priests are unable to directly attack, save for their ability to counterattack due to Divine protection.
Cleric(female) - An all female class, capable of using Healing Staves. While low in defense and having no means of attack, the Cleric is a critical class to have on the battlefield, like their male counterpart, Priests.
Shaman - They use Dark Magic, and are usually stronger but slower than their magical counterparts. Not much else to say about these guys.
Bard/Dancer - Rare successful class types, while these people can somewhat defend themselves on their own using knives, they aren't very skilled, and their real talent lies in either mana-infused music for males, and invigorating dances for females. They are highly evasive with their high speed, and seem to have luck on their side.
Skill: Re-Energize - Their musical instruments or fluid dancesteps use mana to allow fatigued units to keep on fighting, without much cost of the user's own mana.


Code: Select all

[b]Class choice:[/b]
[b]Weapon of choice:[/b] (optional, for those who want a specific style of their class' weapon type) 
[b]Partner:[/b] (optional; Cavaliers, Peg Knights, or Wyvern Riders only) 
[b]Bio:[/b] (no need for a long story unless you prefer, simply list any details you want us to know, the rest can be revealed as we go on)
My CCs
Name: Larry Mikenza
Age: 21
Gender: Male
Class choice: Fighter
Bio: Larry always had a taste for the adrenaline rush of close range combat, particularly unarmed combat. He spends much of his spare time training and looking for strong opponents to fight, this need of his compelling him to fight often in the arena of his hometown in the country of Rausten. He made quite a name for himself in the arena, especially due to the fact that his opponents wielded weapons, but were always easily disarmed by him before being quickly knocked out from the force of his punches, earning the nickname "Thunder Strike Larry". He joined the Band of the White Hawk for the opportunity to fight strong opponents.

Name: Kane
Age: 24
Gender: Male
Class choice: Myrmidon
Weapon of choice: Mourning Obsidian can unleash a fine wave of mana that cuts through anything by disintegrating what it comes in contact with at a molecular level. However, this technique can only be used at close to mid range, and is so draining on the user's mana that it can only be used once every 12 hours. Mourning Obsidian is also very slightly sentient, in the sense that its ability can only be wielded by Kane, as he was chosen.
Bio: Not much is known about Kane, only that he is a skilled swordsman in his early to mid twenties. Kane is a man of few words, usually one to let his blade do the talking for him. He was scouted by Headmaster Ordon himself, who was impressed by his exploits in the arena. Kane only joined the White Hawk to further sharpen his skills.

Name: Ezane Bartlett
Age: 20
Gender: Female
Class choice: Cavalier
Weapon of choice: Sword in pic
Bio: From the age of 18, Ezane trained to be a soldier under the army of the country oxf Grado. She's a quick learner who quickly sped through training regimens and seemed to be making quite a name for herself. However, she soon learned that a man who had murdered her mother in cold blood, was a high-ranking Grado general and was soon to be her commander. She decided then that she couldn't fight for any army that would employ such a man and deserted, fleeing the country to Renais, where White Hawk is based. To earn a living, she took to fighting in the arena, where she was noticed by Ordon as "a soldier without a purpose". She promised to join White Hawk on one condition: she would one day be able to take down the man who took her mother away from her.

Name: Aleda Maximoff
Age: 17
Gender: Female
Class choice: Pegasus Knight
Weapon of choice: Lance in pic
Partner: Borak(in pic)
Bio: Aleda is an incredibly upbeat girl who hails from the country of Frelia, being the youngest daughter of the leader of the world-famous Tri-Wings, three sisters who are popularly known as the most skilled team of Pegasus Knights in the world. As such, one could imagine the pressure on Aleda to follow in her mother's footsteps. Even though it is not her mother who pressures her, but herself. Aleda aspires to one day reach her mother's level, and it is this aspiration that brought her to the White Hawk. However, due to her slightly ditsy and clumsy nature, she has some trials to overcome. She named and raised her winged pegasus partner, Borak, herself. The two are almost inseparable.

Name: Kinchai Zola
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Class choice: Rogue
Weapon of choice: Knives
Bio: Kinchai is somewhat of a street urchin who has been on his own for as long as he can remember. He has learned to survive by stealing what he needs and has become quick good at it, and at hiding in plain sight as well. He was approached by Headmaster Ordon to join White Hawk and put his skills to use, earning himself a living while he's at it.

Name: Darkstrike
Age: 19
Gender: Male
Class choice: Assassin
Weapon of choice: Short swords(in pic)
Bio: Like Deadmoon, Darkstrike was recruited at a very young age and was raised and trained to be a highly skilled assassin by the Black Fang. As such, there has always been a bit of a one-sided rivalry between the two. Whereas Deadmoon didn't acknowledge it, Darkstrike felt an underlying competitiveness and the need to prove himself the better, having failed at cutting off his emotions completely. It was because of this that Deadmoon was picked over him to target Headmaster Ordon, however this angered him, and he vows to prove himself greater than Deadmoon, or die trying.

General Natina - Team Leader/Lancing Expert

HQ Layout
Gathering Hall - located to the north, doubles as the Cafeteria and connects to the HQ entrance
Outer Courtyard - the main grounds, south of the Gathering Hall. Houses the various facilities
Armory - located to the northwest
Stables - located to the northeast
Dojos - placed in the center of the courtyard area is a collection of buildings serving as the various dojos for training technique
Archery Range - to the west is the area bow wielders call home in their spare training hours
Aerial Course - to the east of the grounds is a path that leads deep underground, where an enormous flight course awaits Pegasi and Wyvern riding combatants
Merchant Area - to the east, just south of the entrance to the Aerial Course is the Merchant Area, where various merchants provide goods at convenience during sale hours
Admin Building - to the south of the dojos is a small building where the more established members of White Hawk gather. Also serves as a meeting place for the team
Mystic Hall - to the southeast of the grounds is the mystical library where various magic users gather to perfect their craft
Obstacle/Stealth Courses - located to the southwest, the obstacle course helps to refine speed, agility, resistance to fatigue, and reaction times. The stealth section is laced with ever-changing traps and is a powerful ally to Rogues and Ninjas
Dorms - to the very south of the grounds is the two buildings where those in training sleep
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