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Pokemon Battle Network Godin Region

Post by Karanto » 18 Oct 2015, 00:55

It had been a good three years since the creation of the battle network and pokemon battles had never been the same since. Trainer battles become much more intense now that trainers had access to the domes and the ability for battles to broadcasted over the world. Originally starting in the Orre region trainers from all over the world soon found themselves ranked with each other.

As rank and competition spread though so did the risk of dangerous battles ones that really did go to far plus to make matters worse people were now using the domes to trap wild Pokemon during battles and some weren't even bothering with capturing them it was just to broadcast their own Pokemon being mean to wild Pokemon.

Luckily the Battle Network worked a way around that by making it so wild Pokemon can escape the domes. The company soon found itself at the centre of another controversy though when it emerged some trainers had been using illegal enhancement on their Pokémon. Something the company took a harsh stance against resulting in the company having to make multiple public announcements.

The Battle network was outlawed in the Unova region due to protest claiming it encouraged violence against Pokémon and encouraged dangerous and unsafe battles a green haired man had something to do with the ban being pass.

The battle network found itself being used by the pokemon leagues in the other region to review trainers and incidents during battles so it wasn't that bad after a few years. It was actually rather useful during a certain incident in the Orre region and Kalos region when footage of dangerous pokemon emerged. The first incident was at the Spectar Labs in the Orre region the entire facility was wiped out with only five known survivors. The second incident was when luminous city was attacked by a army of dangerous Pokemon resulting in one half of the city being wiped out. Luckily the other half was fully evacuated before the entire city had to wiped out.

Evidence from the battle network showed the Pokemon that had wiped out luminous city had the same symptoms as some of the pokemon that were used to wiped out the Spectar facility in the Orre Region. New luminous was built on the ruins of the old city and time went on with people eventually forgetting about the incident and only mentioning it around anniversary of it happening.

It was during the start off the battle network world tournament that the feed was interrupted when the mysterious organization known as Schism revealed itself to be behind the attacks. The organization seemed to have been marketing a new and dangerous drug for trainers to use on their Pokémon claiming it made Pokemon far stronger than any Shadow Pokemon from Orre Region.

The battle network outlawed the drug but it didn't really have anyway of stopping trainers from using it seeing that you couldn't really tell who had used it and who just had really powerful Pokemon. Unwilling to cancel the tournament the battle network beefed up security and trainers who no longer wished to participate in the tournament were flown out.

A island was built specifically for this tournament It was almost as if Hoenn Sinnoh and Kalos had been combined. It had a city in the centre a dessert amazing beaches snow mountains and woods and even a tropical rain forest on one side. A few odd monuments and landmarks made the island exciting for adventurers and it even had rare wild Pokemon that had been began making the place their home.

Trainers were giving a month to collect locator Pokeballs once they had enough they be able to decipher where the finals would take place. Anyone who showed up to the finals was welcome. It all seemed pretty simple but with the threat of Schism thing are going to be anything but simple.

So trainers welcome to the Godin Region.

My usual rules apply
No you may not be a champion of a Pokemon league.
No you may not be best friends with mew or any other Legendary.
If I am not around Tequila gains power to run the show.

CC Format
Age: (17+)
Job: (Just cause you're a trainer doesn't mean you haven't been employed before) (Unless you're like Cilan in which case get a real job)

Pokémon Format
Moves (4):
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