Dream On: Nightmares Unleashed (CC’s only)

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Dream On: Nightmares Unleashed (CC’s only)

Post by SMARTAgentKC » 29 Nov 2015, 06:56

Greetings Dreamer,

I apologize for disturbing you but while you’re here connected to our realm. I thought it was best to approach you before you became too involved in your own little dream world and tell you of a problem that has come up that needs to be dealt with.

My name is Guide, I am the spirit of knowledge, truth and imagination and I need your help.

This realm, the dream realm, is under attack by forces of darkness that threaten to taint this world and spread it’s malicious information and thoughts into the dreams of those who connect to our world. Normally little bits of darkness usually generated by your own memories create what you all tend to call nightmares. Normally not that dangerous and unless they get out of hand then problems develop but for the most part not dangerous but the nightmares that these forces create are very, very, dangerous so dangerous that if you’re severely injured or killed in your dream your mind reacts in defense of your body and disconnects you from our realm while you are still dreaming. The problem with that is that if you’re disconnected then your body goes into state of everlasting sleep in which you could never wake up.

Normally we have many fail safes to prevent such endless sleep from occurring but those fail safes also prevent you from helping me and others protect this world.

I plead with you to not enter into your own dream world but take a chance and jump into the big realm and become a warrior to protect this world. You might be our only hope as the forces have gained their own warrior who seeks to destroy the dreams of everyone connected to this realm.

If you so choose to help us please let me know by telling me what you will become when you access our realm. I will do everything in my power to make sure you become that form but do take note of some minor rules/limits that I have listed in the format. These boundaries make sure we do not make too big of a disruption in the various dreams that make up our realm and prevent our realm from collapsing but don’t worry dreamer. I’m open to almost anything you can come up with.

Now tell me who or what are you.

CC (Created Character) Format
(This is obvious but the question must be asked. What do you call yourself Dreamer)
(How many nights have you dreamed? Terms in human years is fine)
(Identify yourself player what are you?)
(Male? Female? Genderless?)
(A Picture works best but words work too, what do you look like dreamer?)
(Every dream has a story behind it. Tell me what yours dream’s story is.)
Powers/Abilities: (3 Max)
(Choose what powers you have dreamer but do read the notes in the powers section)
(any other details you want to add? List them here)

Rules of the RP
Forum Rules
No Godmodding or other metagaming
Have Fun

Power List and Rules
Dreamer I can direct you to the following list
https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_s ... in_fiction
Use this list to identify what powers you have but do be warned there are a few that I will not allow you to access based on boundaries that I just don’t want to be crossed. So please don’t include them

List of Blocked Power/abilities
  • Omni- : Yeah god like abilities no just no dreamer and we all understand each other so don’t worry about a language barrier
    Disintegration: Yeah no instant destruction, can’t allow it.
    Immortality: Infinite Life? Come on dreamer get that action replay out of your head. This isn’t a game you know
    Resurrection: No free extra lives for you or your allies dreamer.
There are a few others that I might nerf or limit if they are abused so please let’s just not let the power go to our heads. Okay? okay.

If you got any questions just let me know
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