Blood Borne Join The Hunt

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Blood Borne Join The Hunt

Post by Karanto » 03 Dec 2015, 21:50

You stand in a beautiful garden lush green with beautiful flowers.
You notice a locked gate to the left that lead to a field but it was locked so you could only go to the right. You can see through the metal railings of the fence over the cliffs, no land below though all that could be seen were white clouds and pillars rising up into the sky. Then up into the sky were stars and a beautiful moon.

The moonlight shines down illuminating the flowers fountains and finally the headstones. This wasn’t just a garden it was also a graveyard.
A lifeless doll sits by a headstone, it is beautiful work of craftsmanship and almost to life like from a distance it be, hard to tell she wasn’t a real woman. Her skin was pale and her hair was snow white and her eyes blue.
A house stands on the highest point in the garden and you now realize you are not alone as you see others approaching the house others you have seen before just before you got here.

“Oh so you lot have finally arrived” A voice from inside the house muttered the floor boards would creak as a man in a wheelchair was pushed to the entrance of the house by a young male.
“So you lot are my new hunters…nice to meet you” The man spoke as the male beside him frowned at the new hunters. “You lot should have never came to Yharnem” The younger male spoke before walking off.
“Don’t mind him he is just upset that we had to use the blood he collected” The man in the wheel chair muttered. “So welcome to the hunters dream. Think of it as you’re home until the one day comes where you can actually go home.”

“I would explain more to you but well it will all become clear in time, go touch the gravestone at the bottom of the hill I’ll be seeing you here the next time you die oh and try not to die” The man chuckled before wheeling himself back inside the door slamming behind him.
Members of the group wanted to ask questions but they got nothing the doors remained shut and all they got was silence. Ultimately with nothing to do but follow as instructed the group head to the gravestone to find a little creature somewhat ugly wiggling out and waving from it.
As one by one those that touched the gravestone vanished.

When you awoke you were on table’s medical tables in some kind of clinic.
“Oh good you are here welcome to Yharnam” The young male from before muttered while twirling a cane. A dead wolf like creature lay on the floor next to him as he stared at the group. “Weapons are on the side over there and the lady upstairs said she left stuff by the door for you, I suggest you thank her later” he muttered before walking out. “Oh and let get going you got a lot to learn if you ever want to go back to having a normal life” he mumbled on his way out of the clinic.

Exiting in the clinic you could view a spectacular mix of gothic and Victorian architecture of the city of Yharnem. It was hauntingly beautiful so much so one would never guess the streets were going to be filled with blood.

Tonight You Join The Hunt

Trick Weapons are weapons that turn into something else (A axe turning into a scythe for example)
Fire Arm are useful but don’t get to cocky you start with 10 bullets every time you enter a dungeon.
Magic can be useful and will grow with you so you cannot use OP magic straight away.
The usual rules apply and in this RP you can and will die those that do die end up back in the hunter’s dream where the doll resides.
You can then travel back to the world of the living after resting.
I have given you as much info as the plot gives at the start of the game so good luck hunters.

CC Format
Trick Weapon:
Fire Arm
Rookie Hunter: (Yes/No)
The Original Reason why you are in Yharnem: (You cannot have heard of the hunts)

OC Characters
Alfred: Me
The Doll: Tequila
Father Gascoigne:
Gheryam: Me
Ioseka: Me
Back from Turkey!

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