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Current Age (2016-2017)
Metropolitan City in USA (Los Angeles, it's the most culturally diverse place in the US)
Regular Days (People worry about regular issues, ie: getting to work on time, studying for tests, talking to that hunky boy in third period, etc;)

Plot: (or at least, everything you need to know to begin this crazy story)
You're a regular joe living in Los Angeles, California. Though today began just as any other Thursday, you somehow fall into unfortunate circumstances that take your life. After the brief moment between death and the afterlife, you find you're suddenly snatched from its grasp. As you open your eyes, you recognize you're in an empty middle-class hotel room. Searching for any type of exit, you scour the hotel. The doors are locked and no amount of raised sleeves and elbow grease seems to topple it. The windows are welded shut, but thankfully you can identify LA landmarks so at least you know whatever is going on, you're still in California. Soon, more people begin to appear within the hotel. They all remember dying too. After what felt like a couple hours, a large black sphere descends from the ceiling tiles onto the living room floor. Man. What the hell does any of this have to do with aliens?

Misc. Info:

* fair warning, in this roleplay the enemies will attempt to take your lives. expect to sustain damage or you really might die.
* also, if you want to play an alien holla at me and we can discuss it further so that it'll fit into the plot. otherwise, i prefer everybody make a human character.
* i'm not going to list a bunch of rules, you all know better.

CC Format:

Other (Fun Fact to help me keep your characters significant):

Name: Deandre Hawkins
Age: 15
Appearance: Image
Gender: Male
Occupation: High School Freshman
Biography: Good kid in a maad city. Deandre is a smart kid who lives in the ghetto with his father. He makes very good grades but has recently been hanging around the wrong crowd. He attends South LA High. He was killed by a robber during a drug trade with Victor.
Other: He's in love with Samantha.

Name: Victor Garcia
Age: 21
Appearance: Image
Gender: Male
Occupation: College Dropout, Professional Drug Dealer
Biography: Grew up a screw up, Victor learned from a very young age the ways of the drug game. Who to talk to when you need this, that and a fifth. He learned it from his late father, someone who doesn't come around anymore. After a tough fight, Victor inherited his father's gang and began running the local drug trade. Victor was killed by a robber during a drug trade.
Other: Smarter than he looks.

Name: Samantha Waite
Age: 18
Appearance: Image
Gender: Female
Occupation: High School Senior, Waitress
Biography: She's a quiet and studious girl, though that is only her exterior. She's actually very tom boyish and loves a bad boy. Her ex-boyfriend is none other than Victor Garcia the local kingpin. She attends South LA High. Samantha died from an overdose of drugs.
Other: She sees nobody but Victor.
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