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Code Lyoko: Gifts for Them

Post by Alliethewolfgirl » 22 Mar 2014, 12:52

[It's been so long since I've roleplayed and I kind of miss it, so I'm going to become an active roleplayer again!]

It's the start of a new year, and some new transfer students seem to be special. How special? They don't know that yet. Not only do they look different than usual students but they all transferred at the same time and seem to know each other. And to top it off this new group of students seem to be interested in what the gang is up to. Just who are these people?
Okay not sure if the plot looks interesting or not, I hope it does...but if you have a suggestion to make it better please!
Now for the template (I'm adding some new stuff that may help develop your character a little):

Lyoko Appearance:
Now to explain the types/gifts. If you have a male character you are a demon, and your gift can be anything dark related. (Example: Looking at Sissi and she trips just by using your power.) And if you are female, you are a goddess and your powers can be anything light related (Unless you want to be the Goddess of War ._.) (Example: Healing Sissi after she trips! *Cough*Yeah right*Cough*)

People need to play as the other characters too.
Jeremy Belpois: SMARTAgentKC
Aelita Stones: AelitaYumiHotaru
Ulrich Stern: AelitaYumiHotaru
Yumi Ishiyama:
Odd Della Robbia:
Another thing this won't be taking place Evolution since I have not watched a single episode, so for safety matters I'm thinking this should start in either season 2 or season 1.

My Character:
Name: Keira Roberts
Age: 16
Height: 5'3"
Weight: 102lbs
Birthday: September 6th
Type/Gift: Goddess of the Sun, gift is the power over water which is unusual for her since she is the Sun Goddess.
Hobbies: Painting and Singing.
Appearance: Image
Lyoko Appearance: Image
Weapon: In the picture almost like a giant knife.
Power: Water abilities.
Crush: Zane
Bio: She is from a wealthy family that sent her away to keep her secret from getting out like all rich families did when they found out the secret their child(ren) held. She and Zane hung out together when they were younger and were good friends with the kids who were just like them.

Name: Zane Michaels
Age: 16
Weight: 142lbs
Birthday: September 27th
Type/Gift: Demon, Gift is manipulation (He uses it to get him and Keira out of homework a lot of the time)
Hobbies: Playing Guitar
Appearance: Image
Lyoko Appearance:
Weapon: Sword
Power: Manipulation
Crush: Keira
Bio: Is from a wealthy family, just like Keira his parents sent him away to try and hide his power. He was in a band with Keira, but after the two were sent away nothing else is happening with the band.

Name: Mable Roberts
Age: 14
Height: 5'2"
Weight: 100.6lbs
Birthday: October 15th
Type/Gift: Goddess, can read minds (Usually uses it to score well on tests.)
Hobbies: Mind reading without people's knowledge and Dancing.
Appearance: Image
Lyoko Appearance: Image
Weapon: Her sword ^
Power: Telekinesis, except the most she can do with it is move her sword or somebody's weapon.
Crush: Shadow
Bio: She is Keira's cousin, she's rather lazy most days and likes to spend her time laying in the grass. Her imagination is worse than Keira's and she's had trouble with determining whether something was said out loud or somebody was just thinking it, causing her parents to lock her away in her room. But after her parents learned of Keira's abilities and the fact that her parents were sending her to Kadic, they decided Mable should too.
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