Corruption of the super computer (Remake)

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Corruption of the super computer (Remake)

Post by Jeanie » 04 May 2012, 20:36

After a recent trip to Sector 5, Xana messed something up in the computer. Now the forms are switched meaning your earth form is your lyoko form and your lyoko form is your earth form. This also means you can use your lyoko abilities on earth, but not on lyoko.
Confused? So are we.

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If your character doesn't go to Lyoko then the super computer's bug won't effect them

Jeremie: Me
Aelita: Aelita XD
Xana: Me

oc format
Lyoko(Earth) Apperance
Earth(Lyoko) Appearance

Name: Xanlei Yukone
Age: 14
Lyoko(Earth) Apperance: Image
Earth(Lyoko) Appearance: Image
Gender: F
*Ability(ies): Xana's abilities
Bio: Xanlei is a clone created by Xana after Aelita's memory was stolen. With that memory he created Xanlei to do his bidding. Of course that bit of memory isn't the same as the memory that was restored to Aelita.

Name: Jeanie Hendricks
Age: 17
Lyoko(Earth) Apperance: n/a
Earth(Lyoko) Appearance: Image
Gender: F
*Crush: Odd
*Ability(ies): Ice Control,Ability to see in the dark
Bio: Jeanie was trapped on Lyoko after her first trip there before the corruption. Because of this she never returned to school, and was rumored to be dead. She is currently trapped in a guardian in Sector 5.
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