Code Lyoko: The Rift

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Code Lyoko: The Rift

Post by Sharkbait » 08 Jun 2012, 16:46

"The rift at the heart of Lyoko is an inevitability... The continuous transfer of matter and energy will form an opening where all collides - an opening in the very fabric of virtual reality. The only place that rift can lead is the 'real' world, and once formed, all of Lyoko will spread into the world, like a virus, altering all that we know about our world. The computer knows that it must balance power to sustain itself, and once free, it will take all the power it needs from power stations, and find a way to sustain those sources by itself. Lyoko will become the real world, and all that once was, will be lost. This is what XANA was made for - to further the rift - to complete my work... a world where there is no need for fossil fuels or power struggles... even if the world hasn't decided that it's ready for such a thing... Carthage... resented my ideas... they've tried to stop this from happening.... they... they took Antea... it is only a matter of time until they come for me... My daughter will be safe there, and when the time has come, the world will unravel at her fingertips. She will share our world with the rest, and never have to be alone again... never."

Canon Cast:

Aelita -
Jeremy -
Ulrich -
Yumi -
Odd -

(secondary characters added as requested)




OC Format:


Earth Outfit(s):

Lyoko Outfit:
Lyoko Power(s):
Lyoko Vehicle:
Crush (if applicable):



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