Code Lyoko: Season 5

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Code Lyoko: Season 5

Post by Shrike » 07 Aug 2012, 19:49

The Lyoko Gang one by one graduated from Kadic Academy and since they could not continue to battle Xana as all of them either had to get jobs or go to college, a hard decision was made by them. Going to the cops, after the materialization program had been done successfully they told them all about Lyoko and the virus Xana. The Cops laughed, believing it to be a practical joke of the kids and not an actual event or real thing that had happened. Xana attacked once more, but this time not with monsters and managed to turn the Lyoko Warriors into his personal slaves, every single one of them except Aelita and Jeremie. William for some reason was also immune. Franz Hopper still alive and hidden within the network was angered at what Xana had pulled, the stunt the virus had managed to perform. So to fight back, Franz used his powers over Lyoko and the real world activating an actual tower and buying control of several factories across the world one inside of each country and had super computer parts shipped there along with scanner parts. Using a Tower, he managed to make the factories into an exact replica of the one at Kadic Academy. The only question is will the new teams of Lyoko Warriors be more than a match for Xana or will Jeremie and Aelita fail to coordinate them and Xana win?

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