Code Lyoko: The Lyoko Codes (CC's and OC's) ~ Accepting ~

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Code Lyoko: The Lyoko Codes (CC's and OC's) ~ Accepting ~

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"When we shut down XANA, it was never the end - rather, it was only the beginning of a new era."
- - - - -
There has never been a time of more peace than now. The five Lyoko warriors have been at peace in school for quite some time now, and Aelita is living her life with them day by day. Everything is as it should be. Lately, the Super Computer has been sending out signals to the warriors' phones, indicating that there may be a new evil in the making here, but they've yet to come to terms with the fact that it may be real. In fact, they shun the idea as they know they shut down XANA "once and for all" long ago. As it stands, a new evil is arising and is soon to start taking over the whole of the world if there is nothing done about it. All new warriors will be found, and the same ones returning, all in the name of the greater good. New evils will be coming, and ones from long ago returning in the name of returning XANA to what it once was.
- - - - -
There will be logs hidden in the Factory at times, and it is your job as the warriors to obtain them. If you find them all, return them to Jeremy - he may have something nice for you in turn for it, like maybe a clue or a hidden piece of information about the new enemy. Good luck!
- - - - -

Jeremy Belpois
Odd Della Robbia
Aelita Stones
Yumi Ishiyama
Ulrich Stern
Sissi Delmas
Ms. Hertz
Principal Delmas
Franz Hopper
Anthea Hopper
William Dunbar
- - - - -
CC Form

Hair color:
Eye color:
Are they a Lyoko warrior?:
Lyoko looks:
Lyoko Powers:
Night-time looks:


Name: Enriah Loka
Age: 17
Bio: She comes from Germany but has no recollection of her life there. She was a citizen of Germany for quite some time - 12 years, in fact, and yet her memories of it have vanished entirely. She is sharp for her age and is quick on her feet, which gives her a good wit. She was offered a scholarship to Kadic Academy after proving her worth in Germany. She has just arrived there to begin her studies, and being a new student, she has no idea what is in store for her in the near future..
Looks: ... mal5.4.jpg
Hair Color: (Same as in picture)
Eye Color: (Same as in picture)
Likes: Cats, Books, the study of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and becoming a doctor someday.
Dislikes: She is very snappy towards people who have no manners and can't get a grip on reality.. that should give you an idea.
Crush: Odd Della Robbia
Are they a Lyoko warrior?: She will be soon.
Lyoko Looks: ... lpaper.jpg
Lyoko Powers: She can levitate off the ground for about five seconds or less, depending on how much energy she has left. She can also see into the near future, just like Odd can.
Night-time looks: ... 908705.jpg
Banner credit goes to Aki Moonblade on deviantart.

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