Sekirei needs an RP.

Roleplayers and writers alike can come here and plan new story/RP rules, ideas, plots, and characters.
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Sekirei needs an RP.

Post by The Pikachu Master » 14 Jun 2013, 00:49

I think I know why no one has thought of this yet: There's very little room to expand on the universe as the anime's future is doubtful and the manga is fast nearing completion. However, I have an idea:

It's been 10 years since Hiroto Minaka's twisted game reached its conclusion and another ship has (EDIT: surfaced) with 108 new Sekirei...

The basic rules: (More as I think of them.)
1. The only viable CCs are Minaka (taken by me) and maybe Takami. Here's why:
All Ashikabi involved in the First Plan have retired and want no part in the Second.
The surviving Sekirei have no need and no incentive to fight.
2. The rules for OCs:
Must have a Japanese name if at all possible.
No "single-numbers." Assume they've all pulled a Miya and are in hiding.
You get one primary power. That's it. This isn't Pokémon; you don't get to dual-type.
3. The Discipline Squad is under Minaka's direct control this time.
4. The Second Plan's rules are basically the same as the first. I as Minaka will monitor the progress of the Plan and implement rule changes if necessary.
5. The primary difference between the First and Second Plans is that in the Second Plan, participants are no longer sworn to secrecy.

EDIT: Another potential difficulty in that you'll most likely have to keep track of 2 characters: Ashikabi and Sekirei.

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