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Roleplayers and writers alike can come here and plan new story/RP rules, ideas, plots, and characters.
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Academy of Swords OOC

Post by Raiken » 30 Apr 2015, 21:51

Hey everyone, here is the planning thread for the Academy of Sword RP. Since it's still just starting out I figured we could use an OOC thread to discuss plot, characters, and such to make sure we're all on the same page. Of course the same rules as the actual RP apply here, so please everyone play nice! XD.

This will also serve as a hub for all of the information on the world. I'll try to keep this updated with as much information as possible in order to make sure anyone playing/want to join know everything that they would need to in order to get into the story without going off course.

After some many years of barely surviving, humanity was on the brink of destruction. Depletion of the world's natural resources, constant outbreaks of conflict, and many other factors seemed to be hellbent on bring mankind to complete extinction. Even with the power of science and technology, nothing seemed to be able to slow the population's dreaded march towards destruction.

That was, until a few years ago, when suddenly a group of humans appeared out of nowhere, bringing them a new source of energy: magic. With magic in hand, humanity began to slowly make its way back towards prosperity. As part of the new order that began to be established a new set of laws was set into place and enforced across all of the world. These laws aimed to abolish full-scale war between the remaining factions, opting instead for the idea of combative sport to settle differences.

In addition to these laws all forms of modern ranged weaponry, firearms, missiles, and other weapons, were destroyed. Instead the group of humans, now dubbed High Mages, created a new form of weaponry based off of ancient times. These newly dubbed weapons, called "Swords," could take on many forms, but were all for the most part close range weaponry imbued with special properties due to the magic used to create them. These new laws seemed to bring and end to violent conflict in the world, and with the newfound peace, prosperity.

Many Years Later...

You are a student at the Academy of Swords, a large city-like academy that is located equidistant from all of the remaining factions left in the world. This school houses many floors, each one unique in and on its own. What adventures await you within its wall, and what possibly experiences might you have? Will you become a champion of your class as a competitor in the Ballad of Blades tournament, or a head-over heels romantic as you seek out love? Will you look further to discover the secrets hidden within, or go about your days simply content where you are? Only time will tell.


Most of your stories will take place within the walls of the Academy of Swords, a continent sized school for young practitioners of the Sword Arts. This city-like school is made up of many floors, each one fairly unique. Here is the currently revealed layout from bottom to top, with more floors being placed as you discover them:

1. Ground Floor: Housed on this floor is most of the population that are not students or faculty, as well as the trading marketplace.
2. Student Residences: This is where all of the students live while they attend the academy. Multiple types of housing are available, depending on what experience you desire. Apartments, dormitories, and standalone houses are available to all students, although the more "expensive" places of residence are usually only easily accessible to members of the student council and other committees. For the most part the residences are gender separated and is strictly enforced for people without guest permission to enter a building.
3. Training and Recreational Floor: The place students go to for Sword training and recreational practice. When not studying, many honing their skills will be found at this floor. In addition, the Ballad of Blades takes place within the tournament coliseum at the center of the floor.
4. Education Floor: This is where all of the classes held in the Academy of Blades take place. There is an equal distribution of open air and closed buildings on this floor, as some classes require actual sparring between students, which requires a lot of space. All types of classes are offered here, but the main classes focus on the usage of magic and the manipulation of the Swords.
5. Administration/Landing: There is the floor where all new students embark upon first arrival at the Academy by airship. Housed on this floor is the landing bay, as well as the administration buildings. At the center of this floor is the Council of High Mages building, a cathedral-like complex where the High Mages and their most trusted academy students go about their studies. A few teleportation circles away from the complex is the Initiates Tower, where you will receive all of the things you need to make your way at the academy, as well as the manifestation of your unique Sword.

While some of these places are easily accessible by foot, many opt to use one of the many forms of transportation available in the Academy. Light railways, teleportation circles, buses and such are all easy to reach and gives easy and quick access to every part of the city.

As for classes they are divided by age, with 11-14 being the youngest and dubbed the Third Class. 15-18 being the middle student body and called the Second Class. The oldest, 19-22, are called the First Class. Each class also as respective colored badges for each one, with Third Class being golden yellow, Second Class being crimson red, and First Class being azure blue.

Here are some terms that you should become familiar with quickly, as it is some of the lingo that the inhabitants use to refer to important things:
Mid-Mage: Any of the chosen students by the High Mages. Think of them as a student council to the student council, as well as a disciplinary force should any trouble arise within the Academy of Swords. Because of their mentoring by the High Mages their control over their Swords is very strong, so newcomers would avoid entering conflict with them.
Sword: The physical manifestation of a student's abilities into a weapon forged by magic. Although each Sword is unique, for easy carry they take the form of one of three ancient sword forms:
1. A rapier or saber
2. A katana
3. A Jian/Chinese straight sword
When drawn these can be wielded on their own like their forms are designed. However, when magic is channeled through it the weapon's true form comes forth. While the true form may not be a sword itself, all Swords tend to be close-range weapons such as staffs, daggers, hammers, and the like.
Zault: The unawakened form of a Sword.
Sword Art: The usage of magic through a Sword.
Gear: The required equipment every new student receives:
1. A student uniform. This particular outfit cannot be customized due to magic weaved into the outfit and could be considered your "formal" wear, even though it is just a regular uniform.
2. A bracelet/necklace which acts as your personal assistant. The interface is holographic and works as a map, itinerary, alarm, etc.
3. Your unique Sword

Added by Sakura, here are some of the currently known/created factions and locations outside of the Academy.


Continent-Faction: Fulgart
Up to the north of the Academy lies the continent of Fulgart. The continent itself has the land split so that it forms two separate areas connected by a piece of land at the southermost point, like the branches on a tree. This made entering the area for conquest difficult, as that served as a bottleneck for any land forces. However, Fulgart also tended to be lowest in terms of abundance of natural resources, resulting in a small population compared to the massize size of the land they lived on. During the war, due to this deficit of numbers, Fulgart was notoriously known for recruiting young children into their armies. With the establishment of the new order Fulgart has begun rebuilding and repopulating, though at a much slower pace than the other continents.

Continent-Faction: Vuqen
The massive continent of Vuqen is south of the Academy, it's eastern borders shadowing over the mysterious islands of Aconylse. Vuqen, during the war, was both a land and sea stronghold, able to withstand almost every kind of enemy attack. They were allies with the Maralesq Isles and delivered destruction at the call of enemy factions. Even after the war, Vuqen was able to quickly rebuild the small damages incurred by airstrikes and now prospers with a blend of magic, trade and technology.

Island-Faction: The Maralesq Isles
The Maralesq Isles are east of the Academy, a string of small islands that are ruled by a single plutocracy of whom the richest family has always been the old-word royal family of the Maralesq. During the war, Maralesq made allies with factions and let them buy pieces of the islands to buy military camps and missile bases. After the war, however, the new world order stripped Maralesq of the weaponry and left desolate stretches of land. With an immense amount of magic investment, the High Mages were able to rebuild most of the lands, though the people still live in trauma of the desolation and are far behind in livelihood or technology when compared to the other factions. While the wealthy are those in the good favour of the Maralesq family, the gap between the plutocrats and the rich is horrifyingly large.

Island-Faction: Aconylse
The Island faction of Aconylse has always been under debate regarding it’s mysterious origins. Before the war, there was no island region southeast of the Academy. In fact, most travelling ships today reach the rapids on the eastern bend of the island and simply disappear. There are rumours that the island is haunted by its practitioners of dark magic, both those still alive and carving runes and those dead from the war who’s spirits hover above the island itself.

Secret Societies/Rebels

The Night Soldiers {of Vuqen}
Commonly called NS or the Night Soldiers. They are known to be a secret, well hidden society in Vuqen, known only to those who have been introduced. In stores and marketplaces, the insignia of a hawk implies the ally of a night soldier or an informant who can be spoken to. The NS believe in overthrowing the world order and bringing back the old-world laws. Peace brought about by magic is only a delusion, they argue. The NS are known to be building an arsenal of old world weaponry to fight against their sworn enemies, the Legion.

The Legion of Arms {of Maralesq}
Known as the Legion, these were hand-picked soldiers of the Maralesq military during the war. Each soldier was picked from one of the military camps of their allies as part of the bargain of building bases. He/She was torn from their families and brainwashed into service of the Maralesq royal family. Though these are human soldiers, their minds are more bent to think like machines. They police the people of the Maralesq and protect the plutocrats. They are also known to be sent as spies to other factions to gather information about possible rebellions to report to the High Mage council - as Maralesq would like to stay in their good favour and continue to receive funds from the new world order.

High Mages

Rosalind, the High Mage of Strategum. Rosalind is well known for her powers in the realm of the mind, in manipulation, thought processing, and more commonly, telepathy. During the war, she was able to single-handedly persuade the faction leaders to come to a joint council in order to hear the laws of the new world order. She has shown her face to a select few and is feared by most.

Albright, the High Mage of Batterium. Among the High Mages themselves, Albright is credited with the founding and development of the Swords, as well as the Sword Art magic system. During the times of war, it was said that he was the creator of the High Mage Militia, a battalion known in legend as the first non-mage Sword users, as well as one of the most deadly squadrons in the history of the world. Their power alone managed to almost completely elimininate any military might the other factions of the world may have wielded. Albright does not show his face, but is known by his unique mask which reflects the stars.

Daines, the High Mage of Systema. Daines is praised by the mages as the one who perfected the Sword Art system, as Albright's design was originally flawed at some level and at times proved dangerous to the Sword users. He was not publicly active during the time before the Academy's establishment, but after the school was created he came out of the shadows. Daines is one of the few High Mages who does not wear a mask.

There are more High Mages in existence, but they have not yet been revealed/created

Outside Academy Terms
There are terms that are common among people outside of the Academy.

Broken: A term used to refer to those that wielded Swords before the establishment of the Academy. This is because the old Sword Art system before High Mage Daines perfected it caused a feedback to the user's body, which in turn could cause permanent damage while the Sword Art was active. Since the original Swords needed the Sword Art to be active in order to be used in their awakened forms, this meant that many users were scarred or even killed while using their weapons. After further research was conducted, it seemed that those who were younger that wielded the Swords of that time seemed to have lessened effects compared to those in their older years.

Old/New Sword: The terms used to differentiate between the Swords used before and after the establishment of the Academy. New Swords are noted for having a few traits: They were incapable of dealing lethal damage unless unlocked by a High Mage and they did not provide feedback to the user. Old Swords were always able and regularly used in military combat, and thus were capable of dealing killing blows, with some people suspecting that the weapons were considered even more powerful than their later counterparts.

Mage Dog: A slur used to refer to members of the High Mage Militia, and to an extent the students of the Academy of Swords. This is commonly used by those who refuse to recognize the new order that the mages established.

- Please obey all of the rules previously established by the forums administration team
- Godmodding is not allowed. Plain and simple :)
- You may join at anytime, but please allow me to actually approve your character before you start playing. I'd like to avoid any unnecessarily overpowered characters if possible.
- Please follow the format of the Create Your Character section if you want to be approved.
- You don't need to memorize the Plot and Setting, but it does help you understand the setting of the world your character is in. So please give it a quick read.

Create Your Character:
Name: (Last, First)
Age: (This will actually influence what class you will end up in)
Appearance: (A short description or picture will suffice)
Sword Appearance: (The awakened form of your Sword)
Personality: (Please use a short description)
Virtues: (A minimum of three. A short sentence for each please)
Flaws: (A minimum of three. A short sentence for each please)
Background: (Your character's story up until their time at the Academy of Blades, or depending on what class you're in what you've been up to since you've joined)
Answer This Question: (What is the name of a Sword not drawn from its sheath?)

Special Roles:
Yes there are special roles for the game to create a story! There will be five to start, with four being actually available for application, but I will add more as time progresses. If you want to give any of these a shot please just make a note in your post. The character must have some resemblance to the character's background in order to be eligible, but please don't try to change your character's bio to try and get it. If you have a really cool background I will likely try to form a special role for you.
1. Irregular - Something about this character's Sword Art abilities seem to be rather out of the ordinary, whether it be the actual Sword form itself of their usage of magic. (Claimed by SmartAgentKC)
2. Past Self - A character that has been influenced in some way by the tragedies before the Academy was established. They could be a former soldier or victim of war, but that past is part of the reason why they came to the Academy. (Claimed by Raiken)
3. Former Champion - Fairly self explanatory, a student that was a former winner of the Ballet of Blades tournament. (Claimed by Deandre)
4. Agenda - A student that is at the Academy for more than educational reasons. It could be for strong personal reasons that they desired the power that a Sword grants.
5. Rebeller - Not all students are loyal to the Academy. This particular student is a part of a rebel movement that was inserted into the Academy to discover something useful. (Claimed by Sakura)
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