Sword Art Online: Hidden Paths Episodic RPG

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Sword Art Online: Hidden Paths Episodic RPG

Post by Raiken » 19 Aug 2012, 09:03

I hope there's a bunch of Sword Art Online fans here! This is an RPG that acts as a collection of side stories. I haven't seen an RPG done like this before, so I hope it works well. If this goes well and you want it to take place in the following games: Alfheim Online and Gun Gale Online.


A huge castle made of stone and steel floating in an endless sky.
That was all this world was.
It took a vagarious group of craftsmen one month to survey the place; the diameter of the base floor was about 10 kilometers — large enough to fit the entirety of Setagaya-ku within. Above, there were 100 floors stacking straight upwards; its sheer size was unbelievable. It was impossible to even guess how much data it consisted of.

Inside, there were a couple of large cities along with countless small scale towns and villages, forests and plains, and even lakes. Only one stairway linked each floor to another, and the stairways existed in dungeons where large numbers of monsters roamed; so discovering and getting through was no easy matter. However, once someone made a breakthrough and arrived at a city of the upper floor, the «Teleport Gates» there and of every cities in the lower floors would be connected making it possible for anyone to move freely through these levels.

With these conditions, the huge castle had been steadily conquered for two years. The current front line is the 74th floor.

The name of the castle was «Aincrad», a world of battles with swords that continued floating and had engulfed approximately six thousand people. Otherwise known as...

«Sword Art Online».


These stories take place parallel to the original story and follows other characters in the setting of the SAO world.

This RPG will be broken up into multiple stories that are tied together by the characters within them. However, as the story progresses, the monsters will become stronger to keep up with the level progression of your characters.

We'll discuss the particular "episode" of the full story that will be played through, as well as which characters will take place or the characters that need to be created for that episode.


1. All of the rules of the original story apply here: If your character dies in the game, your real life character dies. As well, if you try to use a particular technique without having that particular Sword Skill, your attack will be slower and possibly won't hit. Magic spells don't exist in the world of SAO, so healing can only be done by items, resting, or eating food.

Most of the game mechanics work like real life. Your body still needs rest and can taste, although your don't exactly get hungry. If you are asleep, you can still be killed by another person in a city if they use your avatar to authorize a duel match to 0 points.
2. No godmodding.
3. Relationships have a built in limit. At the most your character can get married in-game, but nothing goes further than that.
4. ACTUAL bullying is not allowed. I'm not saying anyone is guilty of this, but it is still not allowed. If you do you will be under fire by not only me, but also all of the mods and admins of the CL Evolved board.

Character Creation:

I'd like you guys to create your character starting at a level from 1-5 for a starting story episode, then at 15-30 for the next one you take place in. From there whenever your character takes place in an episode, unless your character did not level up in some way, your level will progress.

Real Name: Your real life name, if it is different from your avatar name.
Avatar Name: The name you use for your avatar.
Age: Just a note, you will look your age in the game. So if you're gonna be a really old guy, then well...you get the idea.
Appearance: Your appearance. If you like you can also create one for your character's appearance before using the <<Mirror>> item.
Level: Please refer to the previous statement about the levels
Main Equipment:
Skill Slots: I'm not really sure how Skill Slots work in the game, but I believe the max known is 12 at level 95. I believe it every 7 or 8 levels you gain a skill slot.
Skills: There are multiple skills in Sword Art Online. If you have played RuneScape, it is a similar concept. You can choose to train in multiple types of skills such as cooking, fishing, smithing, etc. Most people choose to train in skills that are useful for combat by purpose of the game, but others who choose not to fight prefer to help the others make their time comfortable by working in stores and such.
Sword Skills: These are the skills that you use to fight. While you can fight by swinging your sword, but Sword Skills are more powerful and almost always guarantee a hit on the enemy. Downside is they do take a short bit of time to prepare. Most skills are prepared by assuming a particular stance, which the system recognizes as a particular attack. From there, you let it charge and feel it explode. (Pick what makes sense here: http://swordartonline.wikia.com/wiki/Sword_Skills)
Background: Your character's history, but please give stuff for your character to work with. For example: Why did you pick Sword Art Online to play? What do you intend to do now that the game has gotten real?

My Character:

Real Name: Shougo Kiritsugu
Avatar Name: Shougo
Age: 21
Level: 4
Main Equipment:
Iron Sword - Basic standard-issue sword
Skill Slots: 1
Reverse - 500: The higher the level of this skill, the better one is at wielding a sword in reverse. This skill is not usually picked since there are limited reverse Sword Skills and in order to apply normal grip Sword Skills the level of the Reverse skill needs to be higher than some players feel its worth.
Sword Skills:
Horizontal - A basic skill with a one handed sword. A horizontal slash.
Thrust - A basic skill with a sword. A stab.
Shougo has been a gamer ever since he was 5, so when SAO came out it wasn't a surprise that he immediately got a copy of it and played right at the launch. With the previous knowledge of games and their mechanics, he caught onto the the NERVGear fairly quickly and easily. Once the game trapped all of the players in SAO, Shougo played a fairly passive role, not fighting on the frontlines but rather simply playing as someone would do with any other game.
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