Dark Futures (Post-Z-Day RP)

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Dark Futures (Post-Z-Day RP)

Post by Raiken » 24 Oct 2012, 09:26

Hey everyone, I wanted to give a shot at making a slightly less reality-driven zombie apocalypse RP, so here it is. For those of you that don't know, some of the material used in this was drawn from Gemini.'s old RP "A Darker Place," which I enjoyed a lot. This RP is sort of a continuation of that particular story, as well as one of it's own.


Year 3 P.Z.D. (Post Z-Day),

Cain Leonis
Reaver Pack 7 (Lucky 7) Leader

It's been some time since I had been walking through the cities on my own, weapons strapped to my back. Now it seems I can't even go to the bathroom without someone keeping watch. There seems to be more people now than there was half a year ago, probably for many reasons, more than I can come up with.

Humanity's begun expanding their territory. To some, it's a sign that we're finally getting back on our feet. To others, a military-run government waiting to happen. But for me, and many of the others of Pack 7, we can't really say too much.

It's been about a year and a half now since I saw those two, hopefully they're doing alright. After we parted ways, those two headed towards Last Judgement, and that was the last I heard of them. I continued to wander on my own for a while, helping those people and communities that I came across. After that I was found by a group calling themselves the Reavers, whose mission was basically the same as mine: Helping others in whatever needs they had. We're simply a bunch of wandering undead killer squads who help people solve their day-to-day problems, whether they be killing oncoming hordes, serving as escorts, retrieving supplies, you name it.

After I was recruited and reviewed, they placed me as the head of their newest group, the one I referred to before, Reaver Pack 7. We've gotten the nickname Lucky 7 because most of us managed to survive this far by either sheer luck or by the skin of our teeth. I'm no exception. Traveling for weeks with limited ammo and supplies with no base to return to, I'm surprised sometimes I'm even alive writing this log right now.

I'd better log down what it is we're doing now so I can get it sent to HQ. Pack 7 is now heading west towards the city I started in, about fifty miles from the last known place of Last Judgement's settlement. We're going to investigate if there are any more survivors in the city, and hopefully take down any [strike]Zed[/strike] undead that we encounter. So far all we've seen are the usual normal sized ones. I guess the larger ones only come out against weak prey.

- Cain

It's been three years since the zombie apocalypse took place, with humanity finally beginning to get back on its feet. While the undead swarm across the abandoned cities and the apocalyptic wasteland, the populous has become spread across three different factions, the rest falling under into smaller communities.

Humanity - The largest concentration of survivors in the entirety of the world. Humanity's goal, as its name suggests, is to try and preserve what is left of the system of management and organization that was in place before the apocalypse. Originally founded in the first year after Z-Day, Humanity's territory has expanded, as well as their concentration of the already scarce amount of supplies. With large walls blocking off their settlement the people in charge have begun to try and preserve peace and order. Unfortunately, because of the differing levels of security needed the outer parts of the city have become lower in their priority, to the point that should these areas become infected or attacked, rather than trying to help these areas the higher ups had begun a process of isolation and elimination: blocking off the infected areas from the rest of Humanity's populous and killing off what undead arose there. At times they would call in the Reavers to eliminate the undead from these areas to save on their weapons munitions.

Last Judgement - Originally the second largest concentration of survivors, there has been no sightings of this organization for the past few months. Last Judgement is a close-knit nomadic group that could have been considered the predecessors to the Reavers, since rather than following Humanity's goal of preserving the original system of society, they accepted their current situation and worked within it to survive.

Reavers - Currently the second largest concentration of survivors and the largest concentration of undead killing capable members, the Reavers are simply a do-it-all relief corps, consisting of wandering groups of members that travel across the world to provide aid to those smaller communities trying to survive. Their main reason for being founded was to create a symbol to survivors: one that stands as a steadfast protection as the undead. So far the Reavers have lived up to their name, sporting the largest amount of undead of all sorts killed. They only pick the people they consider to be in best form for undead combat, so even while their numbers are small, their fighting capabilities are much higher than even a large community of survivors. At the moment there are seven divisions of the Reavers, known as "packs," with each group having some particular trait that connects the pack members together. Six of the packs are nomadic, with Reaver Pack 1, the largest of the packs, left in charge of managing their information HQ, as well as serving as a first response team for any undead problems that arise in Humanity.


- Follow the rules of the forum. There are no exceptions here in this RP.
- No godmodding. If you can't perform it in real life, there is no way you could perform it in this RP. However, some things are possible with details. If you really want something to work, please explain how it would work.
- Have fun! This is an RP after all!
- No bullying of any sort

Character Format


My Character (Based on an old format, but updated):

Name: Cain Leonis
Age: 21
Personality: Cain has a fairly logical personality, but also has a kind-hearted side. Due to him being on his own for some time he had adopted a very quick-thinking and logical mindset. If there is something that won't work well for him in the long-run, he won't use it. However, he does care for survivors and lends help where he can. Because of his personality, he at times feels that he is not fit to serve as leader of Reaver Pack 7, feeling that someone else would serve better.
Looks: Image
Cain uses an upgraded arsenal from his previous equipment, due to his new affiliation with the Reavers. While he still carries twin pistols, they have changed to two silenced 1911s. He also carries a 1216 semi automatic shotgun (back of the hip), an upgraded AAC Honey Badger assault rifle (over the shoulder), and a katana style machete (waist sheath). Other than that, he now has the badge of the Reavers sown onto the left shoulder of his jacket.
Background: During the first few weeks of Z-Day, Cain lived on his own, shut out from the outside world. He had stayed in the upper levels of an apartment where he lived, living off of the preserved foods he had while observing the state of the world from his window. It was during this time that he began to put together the behavioral patterns of the undead that happened to pass by. Armed with this new knowledge, as well as having to leave due to diminishing supplies, Cain decided to set out. Some time after setting out, he came across two girls that he helped escort to Last Judgement, becoming friends with them during the time they traveled together. A few months after that, he was scouted by the Reavers. Feeling that their goals coincided with his: to help other survivors where they can, he signed up and became the leader of Reaver Pack 7, due to his "luck" at surviving this far.
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