Moderator Of The Month! August 2015 - Ice Emblem Glory

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Moderator Of The Month! August 2015 - Ice Emblem Glory

Post by The Goblin » 25 Jul 2015, 22:15

Well, it's time to pass the flag to my successor, in my last days as true Green,I can't complain though, I don't wanna go pink again. Wisely choose you're next leader.THIS MONTH'S RULES
1. Everyone gets to post up to two (2) nominations.
2. If you nominate yourself, you must also post one other nomination.
3. A member who has previously been MotM may be nominated again if their last term as MotM was at least four months ago.

1. You must have a legitimate reason for antivoting — namely in the case you suspect the candidate's behavior.
2. You must submit antivotes to the mods, by PM. Do not post it in the thread.
3. Antivotes are only applied in cases of tying for the winning spot.

If you don't follow these rules, your nominations won't be counted.

This month's nomination period ends August 1st. The mods and MotM will work out the winner in case of ties, flamewars, scheduling conflicts, etc. A suitable punishment will be doled out to a MotM that abuses their privileges.

Other minor details:
You can nominate yourself, but you still need other people to vote for you in order to win.
The permanent mods can make a collective executive decision to reject someone who has been chosen, or to end someone's month early, which will happen only if absolutely necessary. Abuse of MotM power will result in immediate termination of the MotM's term.
If you nominate someone (including yourself) it would be useful to say why you think they should be MotM.

MotMs for the last year:
2014 July - SMARTAgentKC
2014 August - Thevil1
2014 September - drpdrp
2014 October - SearchingLyoko
2014 October (anti-MoTM) - Lolpootsrc
2014 November - nodsviper
2014 December - AelitaYumiHotaru
2015 January - Shotgunner42
2015 February - SMARTAgentKC
2015 March - Tsunamix
2015 April - Shikamaru Nara
2015 May/June - ProxyPie
2015 July-Iraq\Green

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