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Forum Upgrade

Post by xiao » 30 Aug 2017, 17:51

Hey everybody!

You may have noticed we were down for about a week. This outage was due to our former service provider going through... something... which has not as of yet been communicated to anybody. Either way if you're interested in what's going on with them, feel free to read through the currently ongoing horror and heartbreak from their other customers. Long story short, always have recent backups (and test them regularly!) :)

Anyway, the upside was that it took away my reason to procrastinate updating the forum stack, since it would have to be moved to new hardware anyway. So, in an upgrade that probably most people neither expected nor wanted, the forum has been upgraded from phpBB 3.0 to phpBB 3.2! Don't be tricked, it was a much more significant upgrade than the version numbers would have you believe.

However, with the upgrade comes a few caveats:
  • Some themes and extensions were not supported in phpBB 3.2, so their functionality is no longer available. Notably you will not be able to log in with your email anymore.
  • No more blogs. Not very many people used them and there are a million better platforms to host that kind of content. However, if anyone would like the content from their old blog then I would be happy to pull it from a backup and send it to you.
  • No more banner (unless people really really want me to add it back)
  • No more Tapatalk. The current themes are mostly responsive to mobile and there is less overhead/potential privacy threat vector.
  • Probably other stuff.
Otherwise there have been quite a few UI changes and some new extension functionality so please explore and continue to use the forum as you always do (or not). Feel free to post any questions/comments/bugs in this topic or in the Tech Support subforum if it needs more detail.

Thanks for sticking around!

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