Using the Spoiler bbCode

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Using the Spoiler bbCode

Post by xiao » 18 Apr 2012, 00:31

With the prospect of a new show comes spoilers! Code Lyoko is notorious for airing first in France, and Code Lyoko Evolution will probably not be an exception. We humbly request that if you post spoilers(who can resist?), surround them with the spoiler tags.

Use the spoiler tags for book, television, game, and other spoilers.

Move your mouse cursor over the black bars to reveal the hidden text.


Code: Select all

[spoiler]Franz Hopper's real name is Waldo Schaeffer.[/spoiler]
Franz Hopper's real name is Waldo Schaeffer.

Code: Select all

Code Lyoko is a [spoiler]freak[/spoiler]ing awesome show.
Code Lyoko is a freaking awesome show.

You'll see the button for the spoiler tags code when you write or edit a post. Have fun.

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