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Re: Episode list by plot progression

Post by Proxy-Pie » 08 Sep 2014, 16:24

Great list, even though I wouldn't necessarily agree with the use of the terms Filler and Canon, although I see why you've used them. And yeah, Ghost Channel is definitely one of my most favorite episodes in the series.

I think Rendezvous and Chaos at Kadic both deserve to be atleast bolded in blue, seeing as how there was a bit of development in both episodes (Aelita and the whole thing with her mother in the former, and Laura's betrayal of the team's trust in the latter).
Also, considering the fact that Laura lost her memories of Lyoko and the Lyoko Warriors in Mutiny, and William almost got XANAfied again, I think that episode deserves to be bolded in green.

Besides those 3 nitpicks, this is definitely a superb list, I'll be sure to reference it to a few friends of mine who are considering getting into Code Lyoko, the fact that you hid those spoily bits really helps!
I want dat Code Lyoko season 6 please!

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