[Evolution] # 03 - Spectromania

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Re: [Evolution] # 03 - Spectromania

Post by ChesterKiwi » 21 Jan 2014, 19:30

Snickie wrote: Somebody had better explain to me what happened then in these episodes:
27 New Order (vehicles, attack not 12 hours later)
34 Missing Link (when they were trying to get to sector 5 the first time, and then actually going to sector 5 the second time, definitely not 12 hours later)
37 Common Interest (before and after the battery and Aelita, most definitely not 12 hours later)
44 Vertigo (trip to sector 5, then trip to deactivate the tower, maaaaaaybe 12 hours later)
45 Cold War (mountain sector before lunch, Odd & Aelita to ice sector during blizzard after lunch, most definitely not 12 hours later)
51 Revelation (sector 5, mountain sector later, probably not 12 hours later)
60 Temporary Insanity (sector 5 first, ice sector second, definitely not 12 hours later)
62 Nobody in Particular (though that might have been 12 hours later, I'd have to rewatch it)
63 Triple Trouble (thrice, all in less than 12 hours I'm sure)
77 Lost At Sea (again, not sure, I'd have to rewatch it)
80 Dog Day Afternoon
81 A Lack of Goodwill (Aelita installs program first, replika second)

The "can't go to Lyoko more than once in a 12 hour period" thing pisses me off because it contradicts so much of what happened in the animated series. It's like taking my childhood and telling me it was all a lie. I'll believe 2 hours. But 12 is ridiculous and wrong. D:
I never saw this in the first time around in this thread. But I agree. It ticks me off as well. It's like "Oh well, let's ignore the intricacies of the original series, it's fine". -_-

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