What is Yumi's Purpose?

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What is Yumi's Purpose?

Post by Kristian221 » 21 Sep 2013, 20:00

So I have been thinking about this lately: Why do I want to see more Code Lyoko? There are many series I have finished and greatly enjoyed that I think had a solid ending that I would never want to change to continue the story. I enjoyed the story in Code Lyoko, and I thought it ended very well, so why do I want to keep seeing more of it? After looking at some fan written stuff, and some fan art, I noticed I am happy just learning more about the character's days. That is when it hit me: The characters are what kept me interested. The story was good, don't get me wrong, but I am hard pressed to find better characters. Each one holds a role in the group, and none of them are perfect. They are far from it in fact, they are all very flawed, and those flaws make them better characters. It makes them feel more human.

Jeremie: The pillar of knowledge. The somewhat unofficial leader of the group, he holds the group together, devoting himself entirely to their cause. There is nothing in his daily life he wouldn't sacrifice for the sake of his friends and their mission. And there in lies his flaws: He is obsessed with his work. He never lives his life outside of their fight against X.A.N.A. He will go days without sleeping and very little food. He is always high strung, stressed, and exhausted. His desire to destroy X.A.N.A. borderlines on obsession, and he puts his own health a great risk to achieve that goal. These flaws show that despite his intelligence, determination, and dedication, he is a very flawed human being.

Aelita: The pillar of compassion. Aelita is always there when someone is feeling down, depressed, or defeated. She almost never lashes out in anger, and often speaks out against things she feels are morally wrong. She acts not only as a conscience for the group, but also as a motivation. She is a symbol of everything they have accomplished. Her being with them is proof that X.A.N.A. isn't perfect, and that they are making progress against him. Her being rescued from Lyoko, being freed from X.A.N.A., in lesser terms she is the fruit of the groups labors against the AI. She especially becomes important when Jeremie is overworking himself, without her (or even perhaps because of her) Jeremie couldn't continue to drive on forward in his work. But she too is flawed, she is constantly proving she couldn't survive without the others backing her up. She can also be very stubborn.

Ulrich: The pillar of strength. He is always ready to fight for his friends. He comes off as a loner, a very cold person, but to some degree that is true. He can turn sour in an instant, often ignoring his friends. However when something threatens them he always snaps into action to their defense. He has possibly the highest determination to win out of the entire group, and is arguably the most skilled fighter. He tries to come off as very calm, but often has bursts of anger. He will shut himself away from the world. He also prefers not to let those close to him know what is upsetting him. He comes from a long history of family issues. He also has vertigo, a small touch to the character that reminds us that even heroes must deal with simple human problems. Though he may bicker and argue, he is undoubtedly loyal to his friends. But because of all his angst he relies on something else to get him through each day: Knowing his friends will return that loyalty to him.

Odd: The pillar of relief. Odd is a rather...unique character. He makes a lot of mistakes, and even betrays the group on several occasions. But he always feels guilty for it and rights what wrong he has done. He is always carrying a smile, despite the burden the group holds. The entire group is constantly under stress, and suffering from mild to severe depression. Through it all he has one of the most important jobs of all: To keep the group smiling. Through all the peril and danger the group faces, he is always making them laugh, even in the face of certain defeat. When the odds (no pun intended) are against them he makes sure all of his friends feel like they can take on the world. Because if they lost their sunny outlook they may not have much left to lose but each other. His greatest flaw is that he can be air headed, and oblivious to certain social situations. In the end though, his main role in the group is to keep them sane through all the tough times, and make them laugh it off.

Each member of the group provides a role, and if you removed any of them the whole group would fall to pieces. Each one supports each other, and makes them stronger as a whole.

But that lead me to Yumi...I am just not sure where she fits into this. What does she provide that the group couldn't do without?
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