Did X.A.N.A. create RTTP?

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Did X.A.N.A. create RTTP?

Post by Kristian221 » 22 Feb 2014, 11:05

I was just rewatching a few episodes, and I was questioning why X.A.N.A. turned on its creator in the first place. X.A.N.A. tends not to do thing unless it has a reason for it. When listening to Franz Hopper's diary he at one point says "I was going to destroy the super computer, and any trace of my work, but that's when I discovered one of its fascinating properties: Returning to the Past."
This implies that Franz himself never designed or intended to make this system / program. He seems to have found it though right around the time he was considering destroying the super computer, which would have also killed X.A.N.A. Was this the first time X.A.N.A. felt threatened? As we know X.A.N.A.'s number one priority is simply to continue to exist, self-preservation. That could have been the point X.A.N.A. knew he needed to delay his creator, and that his creator (or perhaps all of humanity) was a threat to his existence. So it designed the RTTP to not only delay its destruction, but to increase its own power over time so that it could destroy his creator. This could also explain X.A.N.A.'s obsession with killing Franz later in the series, he still felt threatened by him.

Just an interesting theory. Franz himself may have drove X.A.N.A. to become what he did.
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