Anthea? Why?

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Anthea? Why?

Post by SDM » 31 Dec 2014, 02:41

So we all know that Anthea was kidnapped by Government Agents when Aelita was around four, in 1986. Franz then created Lyoko to destroy what had caused her mother's disappearance. Now Anthea was missing for twenty years before Aelita discovered her with Tyron. This question comes mind, what happened Anthea during those twenty years? And how in the world did she end up with Tyron in the first place? I mean, we believe she was captured by government agents. But why would they go after her? If the government wanted Franz to cooperate, they would taken Aelita, not Anthea. If they had taken Aelita, Franz would of done anything to get her back. But they took Anthea, which Franz, instead of looking for Anthea right away or even cooperating with the government, would of taken Aelita somewhere safe, as Anthea as a mother would have wished of him. So taking this into account, why Anthea?

Now after taking Anthea, they would put her somewhere secure, not a prison. But still, why would they take her. One theory is that they took her to keep Franz from talking, which might explain the reason he wanted to destroy project carthage. However, if you watch in Evolution, Anthea appears to have knowledge of the designs of a supercomputer. How is that possible, only Franz worked on Project Carthage. Or did he?

Ok my final notes: Back to Tyron. If it was government agents that captured Anthea, how is possible for her to be working Tyron. Tyron isn't governmental. Tyron isn't even in France. But how? Why would the government capture her, only to turn around and let her go? Could it because of this?
MIB came after franz hopper, franz aelita go to lyoko.

x.a.n.a.becomes evil imprsions franz. franz shuts down supercomputer. carthrage wins
Here is my theory. After the government let her go due to Franz shutting down the supercomputer, Anthea went searching. Her searching lead her to Tyron, a former coworker from Project Carthage. Seizing her chance, she offered to help construct his own supercomputer in exchange to searching the web for Franz and Aelita.

Thats my idea, but still what do you guys think? Also, all this writing begs a question, what if those people who kidnapped Anthea weren't government agents?
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