Anyone want to help me prove or disprove my theories?

Share your ideas about X.A.N.A. or X.A.N.A.'s origin.
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Anyone want to help me prove or disprove my theories?

Post by Robin Ryuu » 18 Oct 2015, 21:56

So in the fan comic that I am working on I am going to try to explain the origins of XANA and Carthage and I have a few theories. I could use some help from other fans, you guys, to see if they make sense or not.

(Theory # 1 - Written on August 12, 2015)

Franz Hopper created Xana to destroy a military project called Project Carthage. The only thing that we know about the project is that it had the power to "cut and intercept enemy communications". And that Hopper defected because of it.

We also know that sector 5, the "heart" of lyoko, was named after the project.

So here's my theory; Xana was designed to destroy Lyoko which was modeled after a supercomputer that houses the real project carthage as a test run. Why else name the core after the thing that he wants to destroy?

Now the problem with this occurs when Hopper decides that creating a new world to live in with his daughter is more important than destroying the project which is the very reason for Xana's existence. Hopper can not have Xana fulfill his objective without wiping out Lyoko, Aelita and himself. However at this point Xana has become sentient and now understands that Hopper now stands in it's way of completing the goal that it has been given and decides to turn on them. Hopper knows that he can't let a program that is willing to kill humans go free so he shuts down the super computer, trapping all of them inside.

Conclusions: Project Carthage uses a supercomputer, Xana's goal is to destroy it and will kill anyone who stands in it's way, Lyoko might have similar capabilities to Project Carthage, and Xana may have achieved awareness and turned on Hopper before his programming was completed.

(Theory # 2 - I came up with this last night.)

In one of the episodes, Jeremie uses some of the codes that were used to create XANA's personality, to improve Clone-William's life-likeness. That got me thinking.

What if XANA was a clone of Franz Hopper? It would be easier to create a "duplicate" for an AI than to start from scratch. And Hopper may have thought that a clone of himself would have the same intelligence and goals as him. But as we have seen with the clones of William and Jeremie their "emergent personality traits" make them behave differently than the original. This coupled with the codes that were mentioned above, which allow the clone's personality to evolve, may be one of the reasons why XANA turned on Hopper.

Why would those codes be given to XANA? Perhaps it is due to the fact that if XANA was the same as Hopper they would always have the same ideas and arrive at the same conclusions, which if you're trying to think of different ways to go about something in order to speed up the process, it would be hindersome.

If this is true then if XANA does have a physical form, it would likely be the same as or at be least similar to the real Franz Hopper.

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