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Is XANA actually Evil?

Posted: 03 Dec 2016, 05:25
by SDM
This just came to me, but is XANA actually the evil program we seem to know, or rather, is it a program that is still trying to complete its directive of destroying Carthage?

If you think the reason that its evil because it killed Franz Hopper, think of this. XANA's original directive was to destroy Carthage. Since XANA lacks morals into understanding the difference between right and wrong, it will seek to complete its directive in ways that seem evil to us. Since XANA was created to destroy Carthage, it most likely would of also targeted the people who created it, which included Franz, since he was part of it. XANA didn't target Franz because he was a threat, but rather, simply XANA viewed him as Carthage due to its directive.