The School System

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The School System

Post by LaserArrow » 16 May 2013, 21:34

What are all of your opinions on the school system (in any country)? What do you think is good about it, or bad about it? What do you think about alternative ideas like homeschooling or just different branches even in the system for kids with different goals?

Let me just start this topic off with a video of Alfie Kohn:

Personally, I think the school system is terrible. I only know a lot about the school system in the States, but a lot of it does carry over to the schools of other countries as well. I feel like kids should be expected to learn new things, but I think they should have more leeway to choose what they want. Maybe have a portion of the schoolday be up to them to pick something on their own.
And the learning should be far more individualized, even if it means we need to hire more teachers or whatever in order to do so.
I think homework is usually a bad idea. I mean, you're at the school for 7 to 8 hours already, if that's not enough, then clearly something is wrong with the system.
The way we grade is also pretty bad. Kids end up going to school just for the marks because in the end, those are what matter more than anything else, and you can forget a lot of what you learn once you get the grade, especially since it might not mean a lot to you what you are learning.

There's a lot I could get into, but I'll save it for later. I want to hear your opinions as well.

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