Not Quite Must See TV

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Not Quite Must See TV

Post by McTrooper » 31 Oct 2013, 21:27

I don't know about you but I have a list of shows that I like, but doesn't make the Must See list.
A lot of times it is just because I don't have enough time to watch the show and all the other shows that are on right now or . . in the case of the Mentalist it's on at the wrong time of the day for me to watch / tape it (and I can't seem to find a legal stream of it anywhere - last I checked).
And some shows get bumped up to Must See after a while for various reasons.

So what makes you're almost Must See list?
What have you bumped up to Must See and why?

Editing in my lists soon:
So what makes you're almost Must See list?
Here are a few semi-random ones:

Mentalist - Sunday is a really bad day for me to try to watch it. I work late and my recording setup requires the tv to be on the right channel.
Plus I've missed almost every episode . . but I do enjoy it when I see it.

The Closer - An entertaining show . . but there are a lot more entertaining shows and I don't have the time / or if I do it's not available when I am looking for something to watch.

HawaiiFive-0 - New one, (Though the old isn't bad either)
I really don't miss it if I don't see it. Though I did catch most of one season.

Elementary - My wife doesn't really care for it, and though I enjoy it I do already watch a lot of crime drama. So for me it's a show that I catch if I can.

Doc Martin - Funny and entertaining British show and it is on my Hulu play list and I catch it on PBS also, but I'm not yet a die hard fan . . though if I had the DVD collection . .

What have you bumped up to Must See and why?
Person of Interest - With so many other shows to watch I missed most of the first season. I wasn't sure if I'd like it because the concept sounded strange. I caught an episode here or there and I liked it. I especially liked episode with the baby in it. Now I really want to see all the episodes I can.

The Pretender - I always liked the episodes I would catch, but when I had the opportunity to get season 1 on DVD for cheep I took it and got hooked. Latter I bought the rest of the seasons. I think I saw both of the movies too.

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