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Flora Fantasy Dark Garden

Post by Karanto » 16 Dec 2015, 00:02

It is my duty to maintain the garden as it contains the worlds that the roots create. I am not the only gardener others have gardens they watch over but as time as passed I have already seen the damage they are doing to the roots and the worlds they maintain.

Apparently my garden has become too dangerous the gardeners fear the worlds are becoming too strong to maintain under their control.
It was the day of Hera’s funeral that it happened during funeral when I was on Thistle. My garden was attacked and I had to go back to defend it.
My best friend became the most powerful root that day and you well you lot were all saved by her.
Anna became one with the roots and the worlds that you lot were in that day it was sad I had lost Hera and now I had lost you lot at least so I thought I had lost you.

We fled to the one place they could not follow the one place known as the void a place that exist beyond time.
Then Anna created time space and eventually the planet you all live on. I used the remainder of my powers as a gardener to seal of the other gardeners before I fell into stasis another one of Anna tricks.
She awoke me to reveal that she used the last day I was with you all to make sure you would exist in this world honestly I do not know how much time has passed but seems I have been in a long sleep.

The first time I was selfish I sent a letter requesting for help I withheld important information and people got hurt. So I am going to be as honest as possible this world is in danger and I just woke up from a sleep since the dawn of time so I need the people I can trust, that’s you.
Anna she used the last of her powers to create these petals on the back of the envelope. Once you touch them you will regain everything from you’re past life memories emotions abilities. Anna cannot help me anymore so I need you.

The world is going to be in danger the gardeners have manage to get onto the planet they walk amongst people every day manipulating situations and they want to bring chaos they want hatred to spread they know how to use it.
So will you help me save the world Anna has done all she can for now she’s asleep and I need to gather the roots and stop the damage the gardeners are causing.
If you need to find me head to the bar in Lavander don’t worry about finding the specific one just burn the letter to get to me.

[*]Forum rules apply
[*]When it comes to the knowledge of what your character has have it make sense their needs be a reason why they specifically know that piece of information. Example Saleme knows how to customize firearms because he is trained in using them.
[*]No major occurrences or character interactions that will massively change the storyline without the consent of the RP Creator, and those whose characters will be affected. Any breaches of this are akin to Godmodding, and will need to be edited- the RP creator will let you know
[*]Example something that will massively interrupt someone else's storyline/plot is the reason we need this rule.
Example talking to them, having something happen near them is fine
[*]I have received complaints about GodModing and would like give a reminder to anyone who is doing it to stop. No Instant blocking all attacks. No being able to do a super move unless it drains your characters of their energy.
[*]I will not tolerate any of the BullS*** that ruined the last one as RP owner I tell you cut it out you cut it out.
[*]People can create custome races but contact me bout them first.

Race List
Rose: Witches, Shifters, Espers,
Lavander: Elves, Spirits, Mer, Abominations,
Thistle: Beastmen, Sky People, Sha, Defects,
Carveta Satalite: D.O.L, Technopath, Nightborne


[*] Elves agile and acrobatic the elf is always fast on their feet. Most elves use magic and very peaceful beings but get on the wrong side of one and it never usually ends well. Some are sophisticated some aren't but one thing is for sure they all got some form of ego. Elves are masters of magic arts. A witch can manipulate time and elements to an elf that nothing but petty magic. Elves enchant they create magic from more than just the elementals they use music art and anything really that inspires them even if sometimes that inspiration can lead to catastrophic events.

[*]Spirits are considered the troublemakers of Lavender due to how affect those around them. Some are tricksters some are just down right malevolent but one thing for sure spirits are always drawn to lavender even if they died on another world. Some spirits affect people’s behaviour and even possess people sometimes.

[*] Mer race of men and women who come from the ocean who live deep under the sea of Lavender. Usually not seen as the strongest race they possess powerful magic that allows them to manipulate water around them and also create it masters at healing magic their voices are deadly weapons when used right. They stay out of the elves way having no dealings with them due to how the elves have treated the beast men many Mer folk have often helped the beast men escape in the past.

[*] Abominations are originally people from Thistle who have been experimented shrinking in size and becoming extremely pale these creatures possess more reptilian traits now. They feed of magical energy resulting in most magical beings despising them. Snake like eyes allow them to sense magical beings from long distances away and their ability to extend their limbs dislocate and relocate their bones as well as a razor sharp tongue make them dangerous hunters.

[*]Beastmen are somewhat human like with animal features or you could put it somewhat animal like with human features strong and agile these creatures have enhanced senses. They usually tower over people and are often considered the most physical capable of the Thistle people. Beastmen also possess the most advance senses resulting in them being excellent trackers. Familiar with harsh environments walls and building are considered to nothing but floors they have to climb on instead of walk on.

[*]Sky People are a race of bird and dragon like people who formidable in the air if you mess with one well your as good as gone. If razor sharp feathers and fire breathing doesn't impress you their battle knowledge will so don't assume their just brutes.

[*]Defect are the rarest species in thistle seen as a treasure they lack the any traits from creatures but are born with the power to connect to a creature a creature that will defend them care for them as if family the connection is so strong they claim to be able to see through each other’s eyes and even sense each other’s location. (Im only allowing one of these not including raija)

[*] Sha A race of powerful beings these creatures are known to be the most dangerous when near water. Almost mafia like they hold a high stake when it comes to family and seemed to have dominated what little water there is on Thistle you cannot go to the oasis without paying tax into the family. The Sha possess the skill to enchant water turning it from a simple drink to highly addictive nectar with various effects. Some figure this is how they have maintained themselves so well by getting high powered tribe leaders addicted to the enchanted water.

[*] Witches are somewhat rare race in the Rose world. Humans with magical abilities are rumoured to possess elven blood within them a race that went extinct thousands of years ago. Born with the power to wield a specific element and also cast basic time spells some witches are said to live far beyond that of a human’s natural life span. Witches may not seem as knowledgeable as elves when it comes tomes and scrolls but no one makes a potion as good as a witch.

[*] Espers are mental masters with the power to use their minds as weapons Espers are the rarest race in Rose but also the most dangerous resulting in many wars in the past. It was only lately that most rose has had a long era of peace due to a peace treaty between the kingdoms of rose.
An espers mind is dangerous the most common skills are telekinesis, telepathy, astral projection and other more rarer and dangerous skills are spoken in hushed tones because the less people know sometimes the safer they are.

[*] Shifters are a unique race no one is sure who a shifter is mainly due to their ability to change their appearance at will. Originally just normal humans shifters powers manifest at the age eight teen. Shifters are the organic source that leads to the development of the D.O.L. What set these two apart is that D.O.L can adapt to changes and threats in there environment much like shifters but shifters are superior when it comes to changing their form as D.O.L cannot change into animals or match a person physical appearance.

Carveta Satelite
[*] D.O.L Destructive Organic Life forms sentient creatures developed in labs they come in all forms and sized and are known to be very dangerous, they have the ability to make judgements but it’s rare to find one with emotions as other seems to use algorithms to make decisions. Due to their cells always changing they are rather adaptable to environmental changes. This has also made them immune to the effects of being bitten by a bloodborne as most D.O.L blood is extremely poisonous a method they developed when they realized the skills of the bloodborne.

[*] Technopaths have the ability to hack machines and inflict computer virus like programs on organic and none organic life forms. They are geniuses and often tend to be a little socially awkward. They are dangerous to organic life forms but twice as dangerous to machines. Unlike espers who can attack from a distance technopaths have to be making contact with their target in order to inflict them with a virus. Most viruses do wear off after a set amount of time.

[*]Nightborne are pale skinned beings who live for the nightlife. Consumers of fine wines food and most of all the finer things in life they really know how to throw a party. Nightborne feed of emotional energies such as joy excitement and passion.
Nightborne eyes are extremely dangerous as that is how their powers to manipulate others work. Possessing the ability to temporarily lock away memories and cares though that’s only for keeping their minds distracted. An infliction off frenzy is what can happen when these eyes are used offensively causing hysteria and hallucinations. A bite from a nightborne is extremely dangerous all it takes is one bite and a connection to the will of the victim is established. All nightbornes possess the ability to turn into a flock of bats.

CC Format
World Of Origin:

CC format (Beast Companion) (Only if from Thistle and owner is afflicted with defect)
Back from Turkey!

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