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Why do their Lyoko forms look as they do?

Posted: 01 May 2012, 00:12
by SearchingLyoko
I suppose we can also use the logic behind this to speculate on uniform designs for people we haven't/might see on Lyoko (e.g. Jeremie).
ArgentDandelion wrote:In XANA Awakens, (part 1 I think) Jeremie hypothesizes that their Lyoko forms reflect subconscious desires. (or something like that)

I have reason to believe this is just conjecture on Jeremie's part, and not actually true. However, I thought it would be fun if we could speculate why each one looks the way they do on Lyoko.

My postulations:
Aelita: Aelita had pleasant memories of her dear doll, the elf Mr. Puck, whom she received as a gift. At this time, both her parents were with her. Later on, Franz hid a key for a train station locker that contained his diary in Mr. Puck. Apparently, Mr. Puck---once a representation of a happy, innocent era---gained mental associations with the Men in Black and thus with dread. Mr. Puck is thus a symbol for Aelita's experiences, and perhaps, by extension, her. This explains her elfin appearance and, to an extent, her outfit. Her single, modest earring might represent her maturity, or her desire to be mature, but the lack of a second earring symbolizes her incompleteness---she acts mature not because she has much experience, but because she's forced to grow up quickly. Alternatively, the single earring represents her or her father, and the lack of a second one represents a hole in her heart or a hole in her life---Antea. She lost her mother, and thus feels incomplete and insecure.
Yumi: Yumi is very in touch (or at least knowledgeable) about her heritage, (or, alternatively, just familial relations) but she does not want to be old-fashioned. She wants to be a little more...deviating and original. Alternatively, she's not as in touch with her culture as she likes to think she is. Therefore, her outfit is a mostly by-the-book geisha, with one notable difference: her kimono is folded the wrong way. (kimonos are only folded that way for dead people.) Or maybe someone dear to her---a relative, maybe---died long ago, and although she's since finished mourning him or her, him or her (or at least his or her dead body) is so imprinted in her psyche her subconscious casually projects a corpse's kimono fold. ...or, when she took Ulrich's dare to virtualize herself, she was quite afraid that scanning herself would kill her, so her subconscious reflected her fear of dying by being scanned.
Ulrich: We have no idea if Ulrich is British, French, German or for all we know American, but it is improbable that he has Japanese heritage. Therefore, this does not explain his "unarmored samurai" form. It is possible he's so infatuated with Yumi that he subconsciously desired to be more "Japanese"----if in a more manly way than her own form, which is why he manifested with a cool bandana and a katana. (which he refers to as a 'saber')
William: Final Fantasy helped him deal with the difficulties in his life. Or maybe it's been his dream since childhood to be Cloud.
Odd:...I will let you all try to figure him out.