AU CL Story Bible-Feel Free To Help!

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AU CL Story Bible-Feel Free To Help!

Post by Toxic34 » 28 Jul 2018, 02:01

I'm a member of a forum for making alternate history timelines. I'm in the middle of working on one where Kurt Cobain didn't commit suicide, and in fact didn't use heroin, and showing how that affects world history. You can check it out here: ... ne.424961/

One of the threads of the TL is that Kurt ends up eventually divorcing Courtney Love and marries Charlize Theron, and, based on a fascination with anime, decide to create their own production company, to be involved in film, television, music, stage productions and Internet content. In this TL, they become involved in CL, which here has plenty of input besides Tania Palumbo, Thomas Romain and Sophie Decroisette. Luc Besson, the director known for films like The Professional and The Fifth Element, becomes the director and main driving force behind it, with additional input from Milla Jovovich (who in this TL remains married to him and doesn't get involved with Paul W.S. Anderson, portrays Aelita's mother, and also uses the series to further her music career, becoming the main recurring musical element instead of the Subsonics/Subdigitals), Sam Raimi and Robert Tapert and the people of Renaissance Pictures (known for the Evil Dead franchise, Hercules: The Legendary Journeys and Xena: Warrior Princess, and other possible writers. Here, the series, which is still animated, becomes both a TV show, and a series of feature films distributed by Sony through Columbia Pictures.

Now, CL would be very much the same as we know, but in this form, it would obviously also have some noticeable differences, especially since it would have an American audience very much in mind from the start, and would likely be set in America as well (I'm thinking either Miami or Atlanta). My thought about how to make it different is to make the show more along the lines of series like American Horror Story, but also have comic moments along the lines of Burn Notice, down to the point of making Jim more like the character of Sam Axe, even having him played by Bruce Campbell. The show and movies would also have special celebrity guests frequently, as either reoccurring side characters or ones that appear in one episode or one movie.

Right now, to help with the TL, I'm working on forming what is known as the "story bible", which is when a show is mapped out before production, laying out the setting, the characters, the plot, and the course of the story arc from start to finish. This is used to help pitch the show to networks/investors, as a guideline for the individual scripts, and as orientation for new writers and showrunners when they are brought onboard in the middle of the series. So, I would like some help and consultation on how to build this alternate version of CL, and how it would look under the influence and involvement of Kurt Cobain, Charlize Theron, Luc Besson, Sam Raimi et al. How to handle Project Carthage, the Men in Black, Anthea, the romantic leads, bringing other people to be part of the "Lyoko Warriors", actors that would be involved as recurring characters/special guests, and how the series would be resolved. Feel free to be as honest and constructive as you can.

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