[S2] #52 The Key

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[S2] #52 The Key

Post by flashgirl » 04 Sep 2018, 16:48

First, hello. I'm the new member, i have a complicated problem of this episode..

This episode was most important episode of second season.
They answered many complicated questions and they made the most important subdivision for the rest of the story they made a new question for us; "XANA picked up the key of Lyoko from Aelita and it managed to get out of the computer. Well now what will happen?"

I love this episode very much, okay let's come to my problem.

There was a sound which is playing between
[21:23 - 22:00 ] parts of episode.
I didn't find the soundtrack name on
codelyoko france forum
if you know it please tell me... :yumiv: :yumi:

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